Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 4 Argentina! July 27, 2015

Oh how weeks fly! It feels like I was just writing yesterday!  This week has been a bit slower and not to eventful.  Perhaps I´ll work on making this week a bit more exciting... Ha

We had a Relief Society party this week, and one of our investigators came!  She is so great, but I think she likes the parties more that the actual teachings of the gospel, which might be a problem ha! Over all the party was really great and we had a good turn out!  We learned how to make cake...which isn´t really cake by American standards.  It was really eggy and spongy.  Ha....but it was soaked in Dulce de Leche...so it was great :)  

I had a interview with President this week!  He is so inspiring and I´m grateful for the time we get to spend together!  Since then I have been pondering a lot about missionary work and how the Lord wants this work to be done.  I love this work, and each and everyday is a great day!
I have been thinking a lot about you and your trek experience.  I am SO HAPPY to hear that your health was well and you had a good experience!  I missed celebrating pioneer day.  Outside of Utah and US hardly no one knows about the pioneers and their sacrifices.  I started reading ¨"our Heritage" And it is really good! 

We don´t have any access to internet, except on Monday´s for 1 hour...but I have seen some of the bible videos they are great. That cracks me up about the mouse!  I can just imagine Luke saying that! Mom,  I remember your made up hymns!  I remember the good times in sacrament meeting with you Mom!  (Sticking your finger in my mouth and playing whack a mole with my back) HA..

As for me:  We eat lunch with members 2 times a week usually.  The language is coming, although I always wish it came a little faster. There are lots of people that compliment me on my Spanish, so that's good? Ha.  We have 1 progressing investigator, but we are waiting for an insurance company for her marriage.   We are kind of on a hold up.  Her spouse (to be) is a less Active. He served a mission in Vegas, but not so active now.   We are working with them.  Things are happening and we are excited for them. 
 In my interview with president this week he told me that we don´t baptize very much in this mission.  WE CONTACT a lot.  Which I don´t like that is, because there are people ready.  We just need to find them with faith.  But that is the background of the mission.  I am doing well.  At times the work is frustrating but it is good and my companion and I have a good attitude, so we are good!  While reading " Our Heritage" book, I read about the success of the early missionaries of the church.  I don´t see why it should be any different today.  They were baptizing hundreds.  I just need to figure out the way to present the message in the correct way.  I have begun praying a lot about this.    In less words, all is great but I am trying to find improvement!
Thanks for all your prayers!  I love and appreciate all of you!

See you soon,

Hermana Fox


Eating with a investigator

By the river...on the other side is Paraguay :)

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