Friday, July 24, 2015

Week 3 Argentina 7/20/15

Hola from all the way down here in the cold winter of Argentina!
This week has been great!  Yes there have been difficult times, but I am learning to smile at everything and just laugh things seems to be better that way! :)  Like when you clap at a house and you say "Hello, how are you" and they look at you like an alien and close the door. Or when you say really embarrassing things in Spanish.  Or when people look at you like you speaking german, because your English accent is so strong.  Ya its great!!! :)

This week there was a massive storm.  We were in a lesson with a less active member and the power went out.  So we shared a message with candle light. She loves singing, so we sang 3 hymns, and then she asked if I would sing in English for her.  So with my most beautiful singing voice(that I don´t have) I sang primary songs...then my companion joined in, but singing Spanish.  We made quite the duet. Ha.  The spirit was so strong and it was an awesome experience!

Also I used my GERBER TOY this week! ( I don´t know what it is really called, but I always have called it that.  The thing with a knife and screw driver, and males sometimes carry it in their pockets?)  Thanks dad for sending it with me.  My companion said I am quite the plumber!  Our sink was clogged and so I took it appart and cleaned it out. (YIKES). 

I was able to go on exchanges this week!  It was really eye opening to go with a different companion, see the way that she taught, and see another area!  Hma Cannon has only been on the mission for 3 it forced me to speak a lot in lessons!  It was really good for me to see how much I really have learned!  There really is more than one way of teaching, and as long as you teach by the spirit, it is correct!

Currently we don´t have many progessing investigators...and we are in search for those the Lord has prepared. I know if we continue to work hard and be obedient we will find them!
Happy day, all is well!  (Picutres aren´t sending this week :( so hopefully next)

See you soon,

Hermana Fox

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