Tuesday, July 26, 2016

07/25/2016 Hello from Paraguay!

Well, it has been a nice week.     :)

Can I tell you how incredible the gospel is?  If we truly live the gospel, we are so BLESSED and HAPPY.  We are teaching an inactive that strayed from the church about 22 years ago.  He started singing, (like a rock star) and that brought him into a new group of friends.  He fell quickly and started drinking, and doing things that he knew he shouldn't do.  It is so sad to see the mess that his life is.  We were talking with him and the one thing that kept coming to mind was, "If you had lived the gospel, you would not have ANY of these problems."  The gospel is a protection for us.  It is a play book for how we can be happy.  If you want to have lasting happiness, LIVE THE GOSPEL.  I know that it brings happiness, I have felt this in the short time I have been here.  I am happier than I have ever been.  I have found a peace in life, a reason to keep pushing on. God wants to help us be happy and he has given us all the steps that we must take.  THAT is the gospel!  Im so grateful for my Savior and for the gospel.  It doesn't matter what is happening, because our Heavenly Father and Jesus are always there for us!  

So this week, we have been trying to look for new people to teach.  That always includes some interesting conversations.  There was a woman this week that started talking to us about how turkeys reproduce.  YIKES!  

CA.  is AWESOME, when we are with her.  The problem is that we can hardly ever find her.  We still have hope, but the progress is a bit slower than we would like to see.  She is still looking forward to her baptism.  We are just having to push it back a couple more weeks.

All is well!  I love you all! 

See you soon,

Hermana Fox

Monday, July 18, 2016

7/18/16 BUEN DIA!

Hi Family and Friends!
Wow, what a week!  Its been quite the journey!  Well transfers on Wednesday meant that we had to start traveling on Tuesday night.  With the lack of sisters having transfers, I had to travel with my companion to Encarnacion and then cross over into Argentina to look for my new companion!  Wow!  That makes for a long 24 hours of traveling!   I had a riot!  It is always a blast being surronded by missionaries and getting to know new ones!

So, Hermana Nacimento, is GREAT!!!  This sister has got so much energy and well, she is just HAPPY!  She is from Brazil.  So, with the two of us foreign sisters, both speaking a language that is not our own, and between the 3 languages we can figure out just about everything we want to say!   BONUS:  She is teaching me Portugese and I teach her English!

Well, I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but I have been sick again since Thursday. I've had a sore throat, head and body aches with a fever, most likely viral.  This weekend was a bit...TRANQUILO.  I'm doing some better now and we are getting back into the work week.   :)

Anyone that knows me, well knows that I am terrified to play piano in front of people, right?  Here in the 1st ward, I play the piano in sacrament meeting every week. I am pianist for all of the songs.  YIKES!  There are two things I have learned with this.
  1- When I pray and ask for help beforehand, the Lord helps me and it all turns out fine.  2- STOP being prideful!  I have learned that it is ok to not be perfect.  
 Lets just say it has been humbling!  I have acually started enjoying it and God really is blessing and helping me devellop this talent.  

Fun fact of the week:  We went to a Brazilan restaurant with a member.   I ate a CHICKEN HEART!!!!  It was cooked rotisserie style...and I actually liked it!  The arteries gave it a good crunch!  

Love you all!  Have a great one!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I am still not able to send from this area.

Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11/2016 Rohayhu!

Hello!  It has been another great week in the service of the Lord!  We have really been focused on finding new people to teach.  We continue to help Fatima and CA. progress as well!  CA. sadly came down with the flu and was unable to come to church this week, BUT she continues to be very excited for her baptism!  She came to an activity in the ward this week and she pulled us aside and asked us, "So what type of clothing will I need for my baptism?"  Ha!  She is like a little girl waiting for Christmas!  FA. is doing well, we had a lesson with her husband as well! Oh how I would love to see an entire family embrace the gospel...and here is my chance!!  

So this week we  did divisions and I went with my dear friend Hermana Cannon.  We went to  see a young man that we had taught once.  His mother greeted us at the door, and told us that he was not home... :(    But that's ok, because our message is for EVERYONE!!!  We started talking to her, and as she started talking about Christ she cried.  She told of the change that she has felt as she has accepted Christ in her life.  Then she asked us if we could talk to her son.  We went and sat down and her 2 teenage boys came out, then her daughter, and then throughout the whole lesson more and more children came.  At one point there were 10 children surrounding us, and intently listening!  It was so special, there was complete silence as a group of Gods children were eagerly listening to 2 of His servants. 

Well, we have been informed of changes.  I will be staying here with a new companion, Hermana Nacimiento! She is from Brazil.  I'm excited for a new adventure, but sad to see Hermana Lopez go!  I am so grateful to be able to serve the Lord and spread the good word!  Rohayhu!  (I love you!)  Have a great week, and remember the One who is over all!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

ps.  I am sorry I am still not able to send pictures here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/4/2016 Happy 4th of July!

Well, Happy Birthday AMERICA!!! Oh how blessed we are to live in Los estados unidos de America!  Well, of course we had to celebrate!  We had a zone celebration!  The day was filled with lots of great friends, good laughs and a good game of kickball!  We had cake, hot dogs, and of course we sang the National Anthem!    :)    Wow, I am so proud to be an American!  

This week was FANTASTIC!  We have been so busy and SO blessed!  The day in the life of a missionary is not like anything else.  We get to do what no one else does, with a power that very few people have.  It is so thrilling, emotional, exciting, spirit filled, and well, just simply AMAZING! 

We got to meet Presidente y Hermana Svec this week.  It was a short moment, but oh how great it was!  I know that he is called of God and the mantle has been placed on His shoulders.  Each calling is important to God, and He has a reason for every calling.  We are called for a reason, and as we fulfill our callings to the best of our ability, he places power behind our words and actions.  What a great opportunity it is to serve Him, in whatever capacity we are called to.

CA.   This woman, is so special.  She was a reference from a member.  Her boyfriend is (was :) ) an inactive, and she agreed to get to know his church.  We started teaching her last week.  On Thursday we had a lesson and had invited her to pray about Joseph Smith, and it see if this is the TRUE church of God.  On Friday we received a text from her saying,  "Hermanas, I am so incredibly happy!  Thank you so much for you support, and all the time you dedicate to helping me.  I cant wait to see you tomorrow!"  On Saturday when we met with her she told us of the experience she had while praying.  She described the spirit as feeling "like I was in heaven.  I have never felt that before.  I know that what you have taught me is true, and I cant wait to take the first step by being baptized!"  Nobody could have wiped away the ear-to-ear smile I had in that moment!  God answers prayers when we ASK IN FAITH, DETERMINED to ACT.  She then looked at us and said, but I believe I need a Book of Mormon to be able to learn more. We had not even mentioned the Book of Mormon at this point, but she had read about it in the pamphlet.  I looked at my companion and she looked at me.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and oh how she treasured that.  She could not believe that we would gift her a Book of Mormon. She said,  "I cant wait to be able to learn more about Jesus!"  Oh how sweet is the conversion!!!  I love being able to participate in this great work!  There is nothing sweeter, more worthwhile, or fulfilling than working for the One and Only who created all.  I know He lives, He loves us, He answers those who seek, and He wants us to succeed!  CA. is preparing to be baptized the 30th of July! 

On Sunday, we were seated in sacrament meeting with about 15 minutes left of the meeting.  I was thoroughly enjoying the testimonies, when my companion jabbed my side.  She pointed to the door, and there in the window were three familiar faces!  FA. and her 2 children came to church!  What a happy surprise!!!  We found her contacting about 2 weeks ago, and felt something really special from day 1.   We were so surprised that she came, but so incredibly thrilled!  Sometimes all is takes is an invitation!  

Well, its been a good one here, and I hope all is well there!  Enjoy yourselves, and Remember Christ in all!  I love you all!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Sorry for the lack of pictures...Virus infested computers.  :(