Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/24/15 Miracles

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Wow!  I have witnessed so many miracles this week I don't even know where to start! I will share some of my favorites.

Ok, so Matias and Guille set the date to be married by the 11th of Septiembre....Wahoo! Meaning that Guille can be baptized on the 26th of Septiembre! Today Matias is going to the Registro to make sure there is a time on that day for the marriage!  They really are ready and they are realizing how important this is in their lives.  They had us over for lunch which was great, but in the end when we shared a message Matias said that reading the BOM was really good.  I looked at Guille and she shook her head. I looked at Matias and said "what does that actually mean?"  Guille said, "Nada, He never reads!"  We all had a good laugh.  I asked him "What can you do to help you remember to read?"  (Because we have had this discussion about reading before)  He said he wanted to put his scriptures on the bed and then he would remember.  I asked him where his scriptures were and he went and got them.  They were completly covered in dust!  They were completely white!  Ha!  He got a rag and started to clean them off.  It was the coolest experience to sit and watch him clean off his scriptures.  It was like a metaphor of him cleaning of the cobwebs of his testimony and starting new! (He had served a mission.)  We are so excited for their progress!  They are 2 of my favorite people here and I feel a special bond with them! 

Okay, next were some less actives we met with,  Nazareth and Betty.  Last time they were really bitter with us, so we hadn't visited in 4 weeks.  We had a great lesson with them and they apologized. They gave us chocolate, offered to clean our laundry every week, and they gave us avocados (that were the size of my head!)  They are they best! The day after our lesson they came to church for the first time in all my time here!

Also we had an investigator accept baptism!  Emilio.  He is really great!  A little timid and shy, but he is eating of the gospel! Now we just need him to attend church...(that always seems to be the hardest step!)

Okay, sorry for all my confusing writing...I hope you can piece together the stories!  There are literally so many other I want to share. I know that the Lord is working miracles in the lives of every person whether they recognize it or not!  

This week I have felt like a real missionary.  I know that probably sounds weird because physically I have been a missionary for 3 months now. but this week was different.  Yes it has been one of the most mentally challenging and draining weeks, but it has been the most worthwhile.  I would honestly sit in lessons and literally be awestruck at the things that were happening.  The blessings of heaven were literally DUMPED on us this week. I love this gospel and I love sharing it!  I love testifying of Jesus Christ all day!  He is my light, He is my all.  This is His work and I´m just lucky enough to be a very small part of it! 

 Thank you so much for all your prayers and everything!  I couldn't do this with you!  Love you tons!

See you soon!

Hermana Fox
My apartment outside.

My apartment inside.
My new companion from Chile with our avocado.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

08/17/15 Lo siento!

Ok, Guille and Matias moved in together!  But because they were busy with that they werent able to talk about their wedding...ugh!  But all is well, and we are hoping for more progress this week!  We have a family night in the house of a member with them tonight, so I hope we can start progressing again!
We found a new investigator and he is so cool!  He is 28 years old and he reminds me a lot my brothers :)  He is really fun and light hearted.  We have had 2 lessons with him and he is doing really great!  We are planning on dropping the BAPTISM word tonight!  At the first of our second lesson we were asking if he read the part we marked in the scriptures.  He said "Ya!  About faith right? Oh and I started in the beginning.  You guys are really good teachers because you basically told me what is right here in the introduction!"  Haha it was so funny. When we were leaving I asked if I could mark another part and he said. "Ya, but eventually I want to just read the whole thing..."  Wahoo!  That's what I like to hear!

 The Lord truly has prepared people for the missionaries...it is just a matter of finding them!  I have a new comp.  She is from Chile and has 1 year on the mission.  All is well!  Love you all tons and thank you for all your support!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox
1- I cut my companions hair!!! Yikes...I didn´t think it would be that hard!  Ha. But it looks good, no worries :)
2- Me and Hma Salcido on our last day together :(  Man I miss that girl!
3- We had a family night with some less active members...and the girls loved braiding my hair!  :) 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 12 Another Grand week in the work of the Lord Aug. 10, 2015


This week has been really great!!!  Things are starting to happen!  Also we have transfers this week!  I am staying in the same area (La Valle 3, Posadas) but I will have a new companion.  I have loved Hma Salcido and I will have a hard time saying goodbye, but I know that God knows more than I do and he has something to me to do and to learn.
This week one of our investigators accepted to get married this weekend!  We are so excited for them!  I had 2 great lessons on the Law of Chastity...Ha.  The first was only with our investigator (Guille) she is so easy to talk to and she is so SO ready to get baptized (she studies the scriptures better than I ever did before my mission.  If she doesn´t understand something she reads and studies from the institute manual and the seminary manual about the Book of Mormon!  She thirsts for the truth, and it is so fun to witness!!).  The second lesson with with her family (boyfriend who is a less active and their baby).  It was quite funny.  When we started talking about the law of chastity he was like "isn´t this awkward for you to talk about?"  Ha!  Later in the lesson my companion was getting ready to commit them to live the law of chastity, and he cut her off mid-sentence and said "so what do you want from us?"  HA!  Everyone just laughed.  Then he said, "The only way to live this law is to separate...and I don´t think God wants that, or we can get married."  Ha  It was great!  We hope to have Guille´s baptism 2 weeks after the wedding! 
One night we were in the house of a less active member and her niece was there with her 2 children.  We started talking to them, and we found out that she is another less active member that we have been trying to find.  WE have never been able to find her in her house.  We have started meeting with her and she is so great!  She was baptized at a young age but never went to church.  It is like teaching an investigator.  She is making great progress.  Her spouse comes back in a couple of weeks from Buenos Aires (where he works), and we are excited to teach the whole family!  (Hopefully he will become an investigator) :)  It really was a miracle to meet her in the house of her aunt.  The Lord works in mysterious ways....but he definitely knows what he is doing! 
I love this work and I´m grateful for a forgiving Savior.  Not I´m not a perfect missionary...but he is willing to work with me.  Many times I feel very inadequate to do the marvelous work, but he is here leading us every step of the way.  This work is nothing without Him.  I´m grateful for this opportunity to learn from Him.  I want to share a couple thoughts,

God answers prayers. (Shocker!  I hope you all know that and have a testimony of that)  I have had really cool experience with this and the Spanish language.  In Preach My Gospel, it talks about how we need to pray for the gift of tongues.  Each day that I pray for the gift of tongues it is AMAZING the difference I feel compared to the days that I forget!  It is literally night and day.  I go from stumbling through sentences and the people not understanding anything, and people looking at my companion and saying "what did she say".....to being completely understood and being able to speak with little thought!  I can feel the gift with me, it is hard to explain, but it is very real. 
This doesn´t mean that I´m good at Spanish by any means...but It is coming and can usually say what I want to say even if it is in a round about way... :)  Understanding people is still difficult, but it is coming as well!

Love you all and thanks for everything!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

My dinner.  I forgot to tell you...we don't take a break for dinner.  So we take fruits so we can eat while we walk.  Then we usually eat when we go back to the pension at 10....but I know how bad that is. so I´m going to try and only eat fruits and vegetables at that time with my lemon water :)
Other is Hma Woodwell with our twinner dresses!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 5 Argentina 8/3/215 The Lord's hand..


This week has been great!!  It has been like summer....in Utah but with humidity.  They say it will get a lot hotter...and I´m already dying....so I´m a little worried!  Ha.  We have contacted a TON this week!  This means that we are always outside...so it feels all the HOTTER.  But all is good and I´ll adjust soon...I hope!

 I would like to share a couple ways I have seen the Lord hand in my life this week.

We had ward council on Saturday.  It was a great council, but we were anxious to leave because we had a less active we wanted to visit before church the next morning.  The meeting went long, and we were in a hurry to get to her house for a short visit when we found out that she wasn't home.  UGH!  We had 20 more minutes before we needed to return to the pension and so we decided to visit someone we had contacted before, but had a hard time finding them home.  When we got to their house they were there and we talked with the mom of the house for the full 20 minutes!  She told us how they didn´t go to church because she was catholic and her husband was something else and so it was easier not to go.  Then she told us how she didn´t like the prayers of Catholics because she thought prayer should be more of a conversation with God.  (in head head I´m thinking...OH YA?  Well we have exactly what you need!  Can we share a message with your family?!)  We have an appointment to return this week and I´m excited to see what happens!  I know that the Lord aligned all of these things to happen so that we could talk to her that night!  

This week we had a lesson with a new investigator and she accepted a baptism date!  There was such a strong spirit in the room!

We had been contacting all day and we were getting a bit frustrated.  We stopped and talked about how we can find the people the Lord has prepared for us and then decided to pray.  We paused for a moment then both started walking.  In the midst of all these businesses we saw a house.  We decided to clap (we don´t knock here in Argentina).  We met a young woman and had a lesson with her.  It went really well and she prayed at the end!  

The Lord truly has a plan for us and he is constantly guiding our lives.  Just when we need it the most, he places small gifts along the way.  I´m so grateful for this opportunity to serve him!  

Love you all!  Thanks for all the love, support and letters!

See you soon,

Hermana Fox

1-My first selfie in ARGENTINA
2-Behind me is the river...on the other side it is Paraguay :)