Wednesday, January 27, 2016

01/25/16 Oh Happy Day!

Hola! ¿Como estan todos de ustedes allá arriba en el frio? Todo esta bien aqui abajo! :)  It has been a super great week!  Transfer calls came in this morning...and I am being transfered to Corpus. It is 5 hours away?  I don't actually know, but I do know it is in Argentina.  (maybe one day I´ll finally cross over to Paraguy ;) ) Ha...I will be serving with Hna. Elhert, she is from Canada, but recently moved to Alpine Utah!  Wahoo!  We get to serve as Sister Training Leaders together.  I am going to miss Eldorado so much, and it will be hard to say goodbye, but I know that is where God would have me be in this moment...entonces...BUENO!  :)

So I ate cow tongue this week...that made me want to vomit.  We were in the bus terminal and we were starving, so we stopped at the buffet.  I thought I was choosing chicken (because who puts cow tongue in a sauce and does not put a HUGE sign warning everyone what it is?!?!) finally asked my companion...when I finished the dish.  BLAH!   So gross.  Here in Argentina, people eat every part of the animal.  Intestines. Kidneys. Bone marrow. tongue. what ever you can chew.

We had a great conference broadcasted of the apostles for all the missionaries!  WOW!  How loving is God to send us living guides!  I know they are men called of God, and I am so grateful for them!  :)  January has flown by and I have a feeling the rest of the year will too.

So we had contacted a couple last week and this week we passed by.  We were in the middle of the lesson when their son walked in.  There was an IMMEDIATE change in the atmosphere.  Everything felt so dark.  The Spirit immediate left us.  Both of us felt it so strongly...neither of us could hardly talk.  When this son left the room, the spirit entered the room again, and we were able to quickly wrap up the lesson and run home.  Literally run!  You may wonder why I share this, but it was a testimony strengthener to me of how powerful the spirit is.  As a missionary we completely rely on the spirit...without it, we are NOTHING!  We couldnt even speak.  I felt so alone, lost, confused, and scared with out Him.  I am so grateful for Him, and the promise we have that He will always be with us.  But we MUST be aware, that if we are not in holy places...HE CANNOT ABIDE! 

The spirit is so real and I am so grateful for Him.  I could tell you countless experiences from this week alone, but I dont have the time and you probably dont want to hear all of them.    So I invite you no matter where life finds you to have an experience with the spirit this week.  Invite him in your life, and RELY on Him.  With Him it will be given ALL things what ye should do. :)  I love this gospel.  I love my Savior.  I am grateful for His love, and I love Him.  I want to serve him until the end of my days and beyond!  Im grateful for this privilege  to serve a mission!  Thanks and love to all!

See you soon! 

Hermana Fox

Monday, January 18, 2016

1/18/16 I work in a Giant Sauna!!!

Well...we are reaching the peak of summer...and oh, can I tell you?  Words can't describe it, but you can feel and see it all. My clothes are literally WET when we get back to the pension at night.  Yes, that would be wet with SWEAT!  Ha!  Lots of water, and lots of showers :) 
It has been a great week!  We have continued to contact and find the ELECT. 

Ca  ...SHE IS DOING SO GREAT! She attended church again this week.  :)  She has chosen to honor the Sabbath and stop working on Sundays, and this week she beat us to church!  We were sitting in Relief Society participating in a great discussion about the peace that Christ brings in our lives, when Ca. raised her and hand and asked if she could share something!  She shared a simple parable that truly added to the spirit of the meeting!  How joyful is it to see the testimony of another grow!

We have also found 2 young women named Ma. and Jr.  We had almost stopped passing by, because they were never home, but we happened to be in the area to visit another investigator.  That appointment fell through and we walked past and found them outside, so we started to talk with them.  We shared the message of the Restoration and WOW!    We used show the establishment and fall of the Church of Christ.  As we testified of the simple truths the spirit testified once again of the truthfulness of this message.  I know it with all of my heart!  Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and was called by God to bring back the eternal truths that were once lost.  God loves us and wants us to be happy, therefore he has given us this beautiful pathway called "the gospel of Jesus Christ".  I love teaching others, and helping them find that which is of GREAT worth!  

A FUNNY story:   We contacted a 75 year old man this week and started to teach him about the love of God.  About 2 minutes into the lesson, he turned to me and said, "I have been looking for a Senora or Senorita.  I have money in the bank.  If you want to get married for the church we can get married in the chruch or civil, whatever you would like!"  HAHA! I sat there probably with a "deer in the headlights" look and my companion quickly explained our purpose as missionaries, (AGAIN) and then he asked if we could talk on the Internet.  HAHA!  Let"s just say we very quickly left!
Thank you all of everything! I love you, and hope its a good one!
My foot has healed up well from the worm.  It is quite common here in the heat of the summer.  If it is not taken care of there is a risk of tetanus, but it hasn't bothered me and I feel good about it.  It was really quite a funny experience!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Yes that is the same moon that you see.  We really aren't that far apart!

Monday, January 11, 2016

1/11/15 Wow! Happy Week!

 This week has been so SUPER great!

First of all...Ca. came to church!  Wow, how happy are missionaries when they see their investigator walking towards the chruch?!  Well, my companion and I danced a little in front of the church! Ha!  She is doing so great, and has a baptism date on the 30th of January!  WAHOO!  After chruch she told us of her feelings, and basically that the spirit testified of the doctrine in her heart and she knows its the right way!  The spirit works in amazing ways. You just have to recognize it, and run with it! 

We have been working SO. SO much!  We are looking and looking for people to teach, and I know we are going to start finding those who want to listen! As for now a bit of rejection will do.   How can we prize the good without knowing the hard?  That is something we have been studying as a companionship, and it has been so great!  D&C 58: 2,4.  How can we ask to recieve all that the Father and Son hath, and have Their glory but not be willing to go through a little bit of what He went through to recieve His glory?  Think of Christ's life.  It WAS NOT easy!  If we want to recieve His glory, how can we think that it is going to be easy?  

Well, this last Saturday, I finally decided to look at my toe that hs been bugging me for 2 weeks.  Well that ended in a small operation, by my companion.  She cut out a worm and all of its eggs!  Blah!  That was a little gross, but super funny!     :)  All is well now!  It comes from dogs and there are dogs everywhere.  Yes, I always wear shoes.  We have done a lot of cutting and cleaning out and there was a small hole in my shoe.  All is well.

Today we got to go to the Cataratas d Iguazu Waterfalls.  I believe they are one of the 7 wonders of the world.   It was breathtaking!  God is so AMAZING and CREATIVE! It was honestly SO COOL!  Pictures don't do it justice, but I will add a few! 
My companion is so great!  It is such a lift to be with her and I feel like I am able to grow. 
Thank you all for everything!  Youre so great, I love you more than the most and hope you have a great week!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Monday, January 4, 2016

1/4/16 2016! Wahoo!

 Wow, what a great week!  Well, for those who don't know, we had transfers and I am now serving with Hermana Lz.  She is so great!  She is from Buenos Aires, and is a little ball of energy!  We have been working like crazy!  The branch is starting to help us out.  That is fantastic!

We have been teaching some awesome people!  Ca., she is an amazing woman whom we have found and are working with! She is so great, because she actually thinks and listens with her heart and not just her ears!  Her son Ao. is also great!  We gave him a Book of Mormon and the next day, he sewed a cover to keep his book nice.  So cute!   He has been reading and is progressing as well!  It is amazing to see the process of one finding the truth and recognizing it as such!  
She also told me she would cut my I got a hair cut!  It took about 3 minutes, and it actually looks great!  Ha.  (I have never been so nervous in all of my life!)  

This week in district meeting one Elder said, "Enthusiasm and happiness are decisions, not conditions!"  I love that, and I hope that we can all apply that in our lives! 

Today we hiked to Salta Küpper, a waterfall a couple of kilometers away!  It was so pretty!  YES, the water is red.  It is like that in EVERY river here.
Love you all!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox
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The falls, New Years dinner, Me and Hermana López :)