Monday, November 30, 2015

Live, Laugh, Love, find the JOY!

Baptism...Oh an angel member made me this dress :)

Cleaning the baptismal font :)  WAHOO!

HEY HEY!  Time is flying, the spirit is testifying, the work is progressing, people's hearts are being touched, God is working miracles, and life is great!  :)

Well, An. was baptized this week!  She is such a special child of light.  She is truly seeking Him and following Him.  What does it feel like to see someone dressed in white, willing to take upon herself the name of Christ and always follow Him?  Well, it is quite heavenly if you ask me.  She is such a great example to me.  She is truly an elect of the last days, conquering the worldly fears and following the truth.

So the branch had a temple trip this last weekend.  A recent convert (Luciano age 12), was able to go. When we saw him this week we asked him "How was the temple?"  He was in a group of friends and we expected him to play it off as nothing.  He paused, and he got big tender eyes and softly said, "Really, it was incredible.  Like nothing else."  It was the sweetest moment!  How special is this coming generation?!  How beautiful is the Gospel?  (P.S. I miss the temple SO much!  I can´t wait to have one close by again.  We are so blessed to have so many, SO close at home in the Utah!)

A quote from Elder Uchdorf that I have come to love...

 "With such a glorious future, why get swallowed up in past or present things that don´t go quite as planned?  Faith gave me the hope I needed to live joyfully now."

Find the joy!  This week, as most has been full of unexpected twists and turns. THIS work is NOT going to be is in the hands of humans, 18 and 19 year old's at that!  It is ok when things don't go as planned.  Find Joy and know that you are doing what you can!  LIVE LOVE LAUGH.  FIND the is there!

I love you all!  Hope you have the best FIRST week of December! :)

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hakuna Matata!!!

So we have a few pets in the apartment....Cockroaches, lizards, and mosquito :)  This is my island of protection :)

We had zone conference this week which was amazing!  WOW!  I am learning so much! (Me with Presidente and Hermana LaPierre)
Oh and I helped a less active make bread this week. :)  That was happy!
Well, first off...I hope you all have the best thanksgiving ever!  That is one Holiday I will surely miss, but how great it will be to just serve others on this very special day!  

Well, I´ll sorry if this letter gets a little long...but so much is happening and I want to share a little bit of everything! :)

WOW!  Being a missionary is great!  Just imagine...DECLARING and DEFENDING the truth all the day long.  That about sums up the 1.5 or 2 years :)  When Christ taught he taught with clarity.  He told it how it is, clearly, as to avoid any confusion.  Yes he shared all the beautiful poetic blessings and doctrine, but he also shared what would happen if we chose not to follow him.  Well Hermana Castillo and I were in a lesson and we were urged to do just that. We were urged to plainly declare our outcomes of our choices.  The spirit was strong as we BOLDLY testified, I believe everyone within a mile could feel it!  Oh how amazing the power of the spirit and our calling is.
So one morning during personal study I was searching the scriptures to find something to share with a member during our lunch apt.  Lunch was great (as always, with this angel) and we shared the scripture and everything was normal.  I didnt think anything of it! Later that night, we had an apt with an investigator and we had planned to share the restoration. When we got there, this woman started telling us an experience she had and her difficulties.  She was crying and visible shaken.  This scripture that I had found for lunch was the perfect scripture to give her peace!  God works in mysterious ways.  He knows our paths, and he knows what each one of His children are need of. It is so amazing to see Him in the works.  I love being His mouth piece and bringing his word to his children.

AE. She is 18 years old and has been investigating the church for over a year.  Her parents have been against her getting baptized, but now that she is is her choice.  We met with her last week and she was quite torn.  Her parents told her that they would (basically) abandon her if she joined the church.  She asked if we would fast with her.  She wanted the strength to tell her parents that she had made her disicion.  We fasted and  the next morning she texted us and said "I`m ready!"  We said,  " Good, we are too!"  She is such an example of Faith, standing for the truth, and courage!  

Hakuna Matata- Our moto this week.  "It means no worries, for the rest of your days, its our problem free philosophy".  You guys all know how it goes.  :)  So sometimes I struggle, (like many of us do) with questioning if I´m doing what God would have me do.  Am I learning what he would have me learn,  acting as he would have me act.  And so forth...well this morning I was reading in D&C 76:2-3 "GREAT is His wisdom, MARVELOUS are his ways and the extent of his doings NONE can find out.  His purposes FAIL NOT, neither are there ANY who can stay his hand."  WOW EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!  I just need to stop worrying, because God has a plan.  He will provide me with the experiences I need. He will make me in to the person that He needs, AND NOBODY can get in His way!  (not even me!)  So, take a deep breath, and sing HAKUNA MATATA! :)

I love you all so much!  Thank you for everything!  Hope its the best Thanksgiving ever!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 How do we progress?

OH... FUNNY STORY!!!  So we were walking one straight darkness.  I felt like I stepped on something squishy....I look down and see a frog the size of a FULL GROWN CHICKEN!  It was SO GROSS!  Me and my companion screamed SO LOUD and started running, all the neighbors came out of thier houses to see what had happened.  HA!  Oh what they must think about the CRAZY mormons!  :)  I´m just glad all is well, because apparently there are frogs here that are fatal.  They actually kill dogs all the time! HA!  Now we don't ever walk in the dark without flashlights!

Another FANTISTIC week in the work of the Lord!  I have been studying a bit about the plan of Salvation and I wanted to share a bit of my thoughts.

 What is our purpose here in this life?  Preach My Gospel describes it in 2 parts:  We are to PROGRESS and we are to be HAPPY.  Many times we get sucked into the progression, and forget about the being happy. We just want to learn, to overcome our obstacles, to be better than we are now. We want to be better listeners to the Spirit.   We want to be more patient, loving and faithful.  We want to live the commandments with more exactness.  We want to one day return to our Father in Heaven, being our BEST self.
These are NOT BAD desires, in fact they are great!  However,  it is important to remember that we ARE TO FIND JOY,  and if we are not doing that, we are not completly fulfilling our purpose.  We are to smile, and laugh.  Enjoy hard times, good times and just plain life!  Look for the small things, because there is ALWAYS something to smile about and be grateful for.  

When we can learn to PROGRESS and have JOY, that is when we are fulfilling our purpose!  Oh and P.S.  I think you will find that you like your life better when you put the two together!

Thank you all for your examples! You're amazing, and dont let anyone convince you otherwise!

We also  offered service this week to a less active member, and she finally accepted!  We spent time washing clothes and chatting with her!  We have contacted a ton this week and have been rejected a ton too!  All is well and the work moves forward!

Oh, our AC doesnt work, so it is SO HOT AT night.  We havent slept the greatest! Ha, I just lay and bed and sweat!  GROSS!  HAHA

I made Banana bread today...that was really good!  Just like home!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox

Monday, November 9, 2015

Loving Life in Eldorado!

What a BIG fantastic week!  I guess I´ll start at the beginning?  Ha.

Saying goodbye...Wow that was hard!  There are so many great people in Lavalle!  It was like saying goodbye to my family all over again.  Most of the goodbyes went really well, one family when I told them that I would be leaving both of the parents started crying.  It was quite a great experience, because the whole time that we had visited, the father was quite hard hearted.  He didn't want to participate in the lessons, he just wanted to tell us everything he knew about the Bible, and how there cannot be another book.  In the end it was so great to see that his heart is starting to change, and he can recognize  us as the servants of the Lord that we are.

Coming to Eldorado...It is about 4 hours North of Posadas in a bus.  It is about 100% different!  I love it here!  I am literally in HEAVEN!  It is like a Jungle...We walk down streets and pick Papayas!  I had Mango in my oatmeal...which was fantastic!   It is a bit cooler, which will be such a blessing this winter!  
So I walked into the apartment and my companion tells me, that we don't have hot water in the shower, the kitchen sink doesn´t work, there is a gas leak, and there is no light in the bathroom.  In my mind I was thinking...WAHOO!  This is what I was imagining when I called to Argentina!  Ha!  But all that changed when I realized how inconvenient all these things were.  As of now, we have just about fixed everything!  It is GREAT!

Speaking of my companion: She is so great!  She is a spiritual GIANT!  She is the only member in her family, and her family has practically abandoned her because she joined the church and came on a mission.  Her testimony is so strong and I am learning so much from her!  She is from Peru.

The Branch here is great!  There is so much love within it.   Wow can I tell you the difference that makes?!  I have already fallen in love with so many of them!  The total atmosphere of the branch is different because everyone wants to be a part of this great work!  I urge all of you, where ever you may be, to JOIN this great work.  Talk to the missionaries in your ward, stake, or area.  YOUR LIFE will change.  YOUR TESTIMONY will be strengthened.  The Lord will bless you!  I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to be a small part of His marvelous work! 

Some of you have asked about the Spanish. It is going well!  I can communicate easily. YES, I learn more every day, but it is not a barrier.  :)   I actually had members complement me this week and said it sounds like you've been out for a year!  I replied, God is real, the gift of tongues is real, and I am just one blessed missionary!

I love you all!  Thank you all for you support and love!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

P.S. Our area is huge...12 kilometers:)  Lots of walking, lots of cows...I secretly want to ride one, so we´ll see how that goes!

Today we explored the jungle a bit...and picked Papayas :)  Do I look indigenous? (is that word Spanish or English?)

Walking to appointments...ya we get lost...just about every day :)

Enjoying ice last night in Lavalle!  I have the best sister missionaries in the world!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey Hey, Happy November! How crazy is that?!

 Can you believe its November?  Next November...I´ll be home!  How fast does time fly when your having fun in the greatest work on earth?  I don't actually know how to describe it...but  WOW! Its fast!

It was just a fabulous week!  It is such a blessing to be able to watch people progress in the gospel, and watch how it truly changes their lives! 

Gl. is great!  He is working on quitting smoking.   He is truly struggling with this, but this will make him all the stronger in the end.  Without the sacrifices, we wont be able to notice the blessings.  This is true in whatever part of your life, and may take on many different forms. 

Go., well he is just the funniest person I have ever met.  We taught the law of chastity this week. I said, "So Hermano Go., will you live the law of chastity?"   He looks at me and with the biggest smile on his face says, "Hermana Fox, do you know what your asking?"  ha!   I said, "Of course Gustavo, I'm inviting you to live the commandments of God and better your life!"  None the less, we will be having more discussions on the law of chastity in the near future.  I have hope and I'm not to worried about it!  Ha.  I about died laughing!  He will be the strongest member in all of Argentina after his baptism.  He has the biggest heart and wants to do so much  good!

Ga!  She is doing so well.  Yesterday we taught about service in the church and she is so excited to get a calling.  Then she asked us if she could give a talk in church, because she wants to share all she is reading in her  Book of Mormon studies!  I love to see the light and the spirit she has.  She basically teaches us, and MAN does she have the spirit with her!  

 Ok, sorry for the rambling!  The gospel is the only way we will make it back to our Father in  Heaven. Choose it, Live it, Share it,  Love it!  Love you all!  Thank you for all your support, prayers, and love !

Love, Hermana Fox

P.S.  I forgot.  I will be getting transferred this week, to Elderado?( I don't know  how to spell anything in Spanish :)   I will be senior companion this time.  My new companion is from Peru.  Its 4 hours from Posadas I believe. I am sad to be leaving all of the great people here, but I cant wait to embark on the work of the Lord in Elderado! It truly doesn't matter where we are serving because we are all in this for the same purpose.  We are bringing to pass the immorality and eternal life of man! 
I found a John Deere!  This is for you, Dad!

I made pumpkin pie for our 5 month service mark!