Friday, July 10, 2015

I made it alive and in one piece!

Oh how things change in only one week....After two long days of traveling I am here in Argentina!  For the first 2 days we stayed in a Hotel near the mission home while we worked on Visas for both Paraguay and Argentina.  Then on Thursday I was assigned a companion and Area. 

I have been assigned to labor in La Valle 3, in Posadas (Argentina)!  In our area we have a ward too!  It is very humbling to see the circumstances that these people live in, but I´m enjoying it!  I LOVE MY COMPANION.  She is the best!  She is from Mexico, but she knows a lot of English too!  (Which can sometimes be a problem because I need to learn SPANISH, but we are trying hard to only speak Spanish).  

The people here are so nice!  We have a lot of great members and currently we are working with 2 progressing investigators.  Speaking of teaching...lessons are so hard!  I rarely know what is going on and what they are saying...unless we are using gospel terms.  I just sit there are try to understand, but then I get I have to find a balance of zoning out and trying to understand.  That sounds completely awful...but its true!!!  The language, currently, is the biggest struggle.  But I´m learning that it is not going to be my only struggle.  Yesterday one of our progressing investigators admitted that he had been lying to us all along and that he really had never stopped smoking.  THAT WAS A STAB TO THE HEART!  I just want these people to live the gospel, because I know it will make them happy....and it hurts when the don´t understand that!  I am trying to figure out how to share my love of the gospel in a way that others DESIRE to love the gospel and more importantly the Savior.  

Missionary work is hard.  I can´t forget the it is missionary WORK.  Salvation ISN´T cheap.  I have to sacrifice all of myself and let the Lord take over.  He knows what to do, and i need to allow myself to let him take charge.  I love this Gospel and I´m so grateful for my Savior.  He lives and He is very real. 

So I already broke the rule of only drinking water out of my filtered water bottle...I mean what do you do when someone offers you all they have, tell them that's not good enough for you?  NO!  So I drank it...this morning when I awoke I felt like I had bugs crawling in my throat...but I think its just a mental thing cause other than that I feel fine :)  HA.  Us Americans are so spoiled...we really don´t realize how much we really have!  I am so grateful to have have grown up in the USA, we have it SO GOOD!

I love you all it home!  Yes it is hard out here, but I feel your prayers and I know that I would be in a much different place if it was not for you!  

Love you tons,

Hermana Fox

1) Me and my companion (Hermana Salcido)...she thinks its REALLY cold, but its like March in Utah
2) Hermana Woodwell and I...We had lunch in the park..she is the other American that lives next to us :)

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