Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9/28/15 Great Week in the service of God

Another great week in the work of the Lord!!!  I dont even know where to start!  We honestly have been so blessed this week, and I am truely finding that true happiness comes as we serve the Lord! 

After being a little down and discouraged last week I feel my prayers were answered with exactness and perfectly.  God planned my week out perfectly!  It was honestly a miracle and my week was great!  On Monday we got to have the trio with a angel sister that God put in my path right when I needed it.  She stayed until Thursday and it was such a blessing and a lift.  We all three talked and talked and had a great time!  I had so much fun having her with us!  We also had 2 sister missionaries from the mission office visit us and they were so awesome!  I felt an instant connection with them as well!    I see that God really just put person after person, situation after situation in my path to help me this week.  He has blessed me so much!  God is so giving and merciful! 
I spoke in sacrament meeting this week.  Last week Mom said I deserved to speak about Unity because I have such excellent examples of how the church runs from my home ward.  I told her that I would talk to the Bishop, but I didn't get around to it.  Then the Bishop called me Thursday night and asked me to speak.  Thanks Mom for putting that out there!  No,  I was quite direct and it went well!  We also had so many investigators and less actives in church and it was a great 3 hours.  It was actually the best since I have been here.  After Sacrament meeting, we went to Principles of the Gospel and realized that we didn't have a teacher... so I volunteered myself and my companion.  That discussion lesson went well and the spirit was so strong! 
I have had so many miracles that I studied miracles out of the Bible Dictionary.  It reads that "miracles are natural results of the Messiahs presence among man."  When we invite the spirit into our lives, it is natural for miracles to happen!  Try it out!  It goes on to say that miracles don't cease, but man's faith can cease.  God never stopped working among man, but man chose not to have miracles in their lives because the lack of their faith.  It is our choice if miracles will happen in our lives.
This week we passed by an investigator and she just started giving us everything.  She said she was giving us empanadas and it didn't matter what we said, we couldn't get out of it!  So we started making empanadas.  (see pictures)  Then she gave us hair pins and shirts and paid a taxi to take us to our apartment.  We had a great time!  She treats us like queens and isn't even a member and doesn't even agree with everything we teach.  However, she does recognize us as servants of the Lord.  She is very loving and giving!
Ok so this week we spent LOTS of time contacting and teaching first lessons!  We are trying to find those who are willing to listen and willing to take action!  We were able to find a family!  That is so rare!!! There was a mother and father and 2 children!  We had a lesson with all of them together!  I are so excited to continue teaching them and inviting them to come unto Christ!  They are a religious family, but are not completly closed to learning about other religions!  I pray that as we visit they will be able to feel the spirit and truly learn from Him, and recognize that we are not just some other religion.  Also their son is 11 and he LOVES my accent. He quietly listens and is very respectful...but he just stares at me while I talk (His mom told me is AMAZED and He loves listening to me talk! HAHA)  The daughter loves the U.S. and tells everyone that passes the door..."She´s from the U.S.!"  

We also found another man, Luis.  It was a long hard day of contacting.  We had been rejected, and rejected.  One woman told us...."You´re bugging me!"  We said, "Gracias, tanga a linda noche"  With the biggest smiles we could muster.  Ha. So when we found him, it was like a light in a dark cave.  I was almost expecting for him to come up with an excuse of why he couldnt meet with us, but I asked anyway if we could talk for a minute!  He said, "Claro que sí!  Pasan!"  We had a great discussion about the restortaion.  He was really into the whole discusion...asking questions and all....which is really rare...but when it happens you know that someone really wants to know!  The spirit was so strong, and we are excited to return to visit him tomorrow!

We also dropped another investigtor this week...which was sad and hard.  But she came out and said that she doesnt want to change.  There is still a little bit of a feeling like I could have done something more or different to help her understand.  We are not perfect teachers...very far from it.  But we are trying, and doing the best we can do.  That is all I have to give, and I need to remember that I´m not going to be perfect and people still have their agency.  That doesnt make it much easier, because it still hurts!

A gypsi contacted us this week while we were walking.  She wanted us to start a church with her, and make lots of money!  Haha!  I get it!  Thats why there are so many churches and people want to make more!  :)

This week we also were able to attend the service project of the stake!  We cleaned and painted in a mental hospital.  It was so great to get outside of the normal routine and just work!  I had so many memories of service projects that I have done in the past and it was just so great!  Mosiah 2:17.  Really these people may not recognize the difference.  There were no Thank-you´s, no recognition.  But yet it still felt so great!   We were really only in the service of our God.  He cares about all of his children no matter what!  It is our responsibily to look after each one of his children, love and serve them!
Love you all so much and hope all is well!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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