Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hola, from Argentina! 9/14/15


Ok, so we have had a great week!  Each day in the work of the Lord is great!  

Guille and Matias are finally getting married this week!  I´m pretty sure it is going to happen because this time they have a "honeymoon" planned!  To visit the temple actually! HA  They are so great and we are really excited for them to take this step.  Guille is so strong  in her testimony and is really excited for baptism too!  As long as they follow through with the wedding she will be baptized the last week in September!  It is so fun to watch her progress and start to live what she believes!  She is so happy!  This is truly what the gospel is really about!  It is literally the guide to happiness, in this life and in the worlds to come!

So as of now we don't have lots of investigators...so we spend a lot of time contacting and teaching first lessons.  Trying to get a feel for people and whether or not they will accept us.  So one day we were contacting during the dreaded "siesta",  (basically the city shuts down from 1-4 pm and everyone goes home and sleeps).  because our appointments. fell through.  So we "clapped" a house and waited...after a while a man poked his head out and we could tell he had been sleeping.  We could tell he was shirtless...which is completely normal because of the heat.   We told him we were missionaries and we wanted to give him a card and share a message of Jesus Christ with him.  He looked at us and said "I cant come out because I´m in the nude, can you pass by another day?"   HA!  Who answers the door naked...and actually tells the person that?  Make up some other excuse DUDE!  

Another day we were contacting (after appointments fell through, HA HA) and we passed a man roasting a pig.  Literally the whole pig..opened up!  (See photo)  Yikes!  I asked him if I could take a picture because I had never seen such a thing.  Of course he said, YES!  We continued to talk and he was so surprised that I had never seen this before.  Apparently it is really common and a tradition to eat the whole pig and cook it like this! 
I felt the spirit so strong testifying through this week.  We were in a lesson with an investigator that had just told us that no church is "correct" and that they are all just different ways of worshiping God.  (That is a very common thought.)  We thought we were getting somewhere with her! Ugh!  So in our invitation I invited her to sincerely pray and read ONLY the Book of Mormon  (She reads a lot of other.. crap!) for 2 weeks.  I promised her that if she did this she would recognize a difference in her life and receive an answer.  I was so BOLD and straight with her.  My voice and Spanish were so STRONG and I teared up and almost  started crying.  The Spirit was so strong!  As we were leaving,  She said,  "That was REALLY strong what you just said!"  I know she felt the Spirit testify of the truth. 
We have a less active sister that we visit every week.  The only reason she is inactive is because she can't walk to church.  We had wanted to have the Sacrament taken to her, but had never been able to coordinate it with the Priesthood.  This week we did!  I called her in church and asked if we could pass by in 1 1/2 hours.  She said, "Si si Hermana! Gracias!"  When we got to her house, she had everything ready.  When she saw us her eyes just lit up!  She was so happy!  We sat down and the Elders started blessing the bread.  You could just hear her weeping.  It was the same with the water.  When we finished, she just cried and kept saying , "Thank you!"  It was so spiritual.  You could just feel the Holy Ghost like you can feel hot water.  It was a beautiful experience!  When we left, we were walking to the Elder's truck.  A man started yelling the worst words in Spanish and English at us.  He was yelling about Americans.  Wow!  There is literally opposition in ALL things.  Satan and his work against us is testifying of the truths of God.  He tries hard sending darkness and opposition to every light filled experience!  Satan's work and opposition are real.  It is as real as our light work as disciples of Jesus Christ.  The big difference is Christ will win and Satan knows that!  Light will always win!

Thank you all for everything!  You're in my prayers and I hope all is well with you at home!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

The PIG...Ha! 

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