Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey Hey Hey! Sept. 21, 2015

Ok first of all, transfers are this week!  But nothing too exciting because I will be staying in the same area with the same companion . Ha  Today is my 4 month mark in the mission.

Guille and Matias were married this week!  I honestly cried when we were on the phone with them after...Ha!  After a long ride, they finally tied the knot!  Right after they went on a trip to visit the temple!  The walked around outside and Guille said it was SO BEAUTIFUL!  We have been so happy for them and this grand step of their eternal progression!  We are planning her baptism on the 10th of October!  We are so excited for her! 

Members are such a big part of this work!  Without the support of members and welcoming of members our work cannot be fulfilled!  We had a lesson with N. and B. this week and they truly told us how they felt in church.  They said not a single person introduced themselves, and the gospel doctrine was very off topic!  I just sat and listened...I felt so bad, because this is not what our church is about!  We are about love and learning about Christ and if people cannot feel that when they come to church we are not fulfilling our purpose!  You as a member are a big part of the work!  Reach outside of yourself and find those members or investigators that are visiting church for the first time.  Help them feel what the gospel does for people, help them feel the love of Christ in you! 

I am so grateful for the Gift of the Holy Ghost!  I see the effects of what he does every day.  He can be a big part of each and everyone of your lives if you will but let him in.  He is the only way that one can truly become converted to Christ.  I am so grateful for his presence in my life! 
Half of the week was just bloody HOT and the last 2 days we have had rain, thunder and lightning for just about 36 hours straight.  Its great! I love that there is never a quiet moment with the grumbling sky.  Rain means its cooler.. BUT very humid.  My whole body is sticky all the time.  I drink about 1 bottle of water every hour to stay hydrated.
I wanted to share a few of my studies with you all this week.  D & C 9 was written for me!  I'm asking you to read this short section and ponder.  It is about the will of God.  D & C section 9:3 -  God knows what I need to learn and experience in the exact moment that I need it.  Maybe in this transfer my work has not been to convert the area, but to deepen my conversion and help my companion.  Really in this verse you can change "son" to your name and the word "translate" to anything you are dealing with.  In this case I wrote "Starlee" and "Baptize".  Those are things of my will, which really are of lesser importance to God right now.  He knows what I need to do to learn, grow and experience.  He will provide what I need. In verse 4, God clearly states Oliver Cowdry's purpose.  To the world , it may seem to be a lesser work.  However, God knows what he needed to do to learn and what the Lord needed him to learn.  In verse 14 , we learn that no matter how big or small our calling or work is and as long as we are faithful, we will be blessed equally.  Really this section is perfect for me right now.  I just need to forget what I want and not just conform to Gods will, but to make his will mine.  I want to truly want what he has planned for me.  Otherwise there is a constant fight between my will and his.  D & C section 10 is great!  Satan is at work.  God will ALWAYS be smarter, ALWAYS win and will ALWAYS support his disciples.  At this time the prophet had made a mistake.  But as long as he repented sincerely, God has a plan to help and support him.  God knows you and what you will choose, even the wrong choices you will make.  However, he has prepared a plan for you to ALWAYS succeed and return to Him.  Great Section!  Following and choosing Christ can be accomplished through the Gospel.  This is the purpose of the gospel.  (See verses 48-70)  Knowing isn't enough.  STUDY IT. LEARN IT. LIVE IT!
Thank you for your examples to me. Thank you for living what you know to be true and always standing for righteousness.

Thank you so much for everything!  Love you all!

See you soon,

Hermana Fox
 I needed to fan myself down in the I plucked a fan from the tree :)  Mom always taught me to use what I have!

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