Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life in Argentina 9/7/2015


Here are some thoughts from Hermana Fox this week...
There are some people that I meet here that I just feel comfortable around and I feel like I am with family.  One of these families is family Caballero.  We are working with them.  They are so loving and accepting. I don't have to worry about my Spanish with them and I can joke and laugh with them.  Their cute little girls like to braid my hair and tell me secrets, that I usually don't understand.  But, I am very good at pretending I do!
I also love Bety and her daughter Nazaret.  Bety is just like you, Mom in that she loves plants!  Her house is literally like a garden of every plant you could imagine.  They are so giving and give us lemon tea and bread when we visit.  Nazaret is in school to become an attorney.  We visit and talk like we've known each other for years.  She is so cute and always has her google translate out and ready to help us communicate.
The other day I asked to use the bathroom in a family's home.  I was shown to a normal bathroom for here.  The big difference is the instead of a door there is just a lace table cloth.  Good thing I'm not shy!  The rest of the family just continued their lives and I sat there going to the bathroom and watched them through the lace cloth.  Haha!
We had a lesson with a man that we contacted a week ago.  When he answered the door he was only wearing boxers.  We talked to him for 5 minutes before he went inside to get some pants on.  We had left a plan of salvation pamphlet with him and today we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, because there is a big need.  This was the highlight of my day!  He has the cutest cackle that he lets out randomly.  He throws his head back to laugh and cackle. When we left we asked him if he would like to pray.  He said, "with our eyes closed right?"  he then covered his eyes with his hands, paused and threw his head back with his cute cackle.  He prayed thanking God for sending "las hermanas" and he talked to God like a good friend.  So cute!

Ok this week has been hard.  Ok in reality, what week isnt hard?  Each and everyday is a learning experience. As humans we are all here and our goal is to become perfect, like unto our Father in Heaven.  But we all know that here in this life we cant actually accomplish this perfection.  It is a constant battle to not do what the natural man in us wants, and do what we know we need to do as children of God.  Sometimes we lose this view, this eternal perspective, and feel hopeless or like we cant go any further.  This is part of our earthly experience and we are learning how to overcome this.  The only way that we can start to overcome this is through Jesus Christ.  He is literally the only way.  When times are hard and you dont feel like going any further, remember Him.  Turn to Him.  CHOOSE Him.  He is always there, His arms are always extended, and He is always forgive.  I love Him and I am so grateful for Him.  In moments that are difficult and when I feel like things cant get better, He is my light.  He has the ability to dissolve all hopeless, fear, and doubt.  He is he only way that we will be able to become perfect one day.  So when you feel like you are doing everything wrong and you are the furthest thing from perfect, (this is a common feeling of Hermana Fox...Ha) remember Him.  Choose Him.
I know that He will help you and lift you.  I know this to be true because I experience this each and every day.  I would not be able to do this without his constant companionship.  His is my all and I am so grateful for Him and this opportunity I have to share about Him!  

Having Him in our lives doesn't mean that our problems and trials will suddenly disappear.  Our purpose here on earth is still the same.  We are here to learn and grow and to EXPERIENCE these things.  We still have difficulties in our lives and flaws within ourselves, but with the help of Christ we can do it.  We can make it through this life and return to our Father in Heaven to live in peace, joy, and happiness forever. This is eternity we are talking about!  It is our choice how we want to live this eternity.  
This is part of my goal this week.  I want to try and keep this grand perspective each and every moment.  To remember Him and all the things we can accomplish together.  I cant do this alone.  I have tried...and My strength is not sufficient.  He is the only way!

So yes, things are hard...but that only means that they are worth while and providing my an opportunity to learn a grow!  That doesnt mean that I am not enjoying myself or that I wish I wasn´t here...because that is not true.  I truely am enjoying this time and Im ever so grateful that I chose to serve a mission.  
Love you all!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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