Monday, October 24, 2016

10/24/16 Hello Family and Friends!

Well, its been a good one!  The work moves on! 

Funny story:  At lunch with a member this week Hermana Zabala got a kick out of me, becuase I had told my companion that every time a firework goes off, (which is all the time or every time there are soccer games), that, it is a shooting and that people and someone is probably  dying.  And if its not that, it is just a signal to those in Brazil that their drugs made it across the river safely.  We all had a great laugh about that!  :)

This week we were able to work with a couple of the young women here in the ward.  It was so great!  We went with Carolina and Ingrud and Oh, what a difference is made when there are members present in the teaching!  The spirit was so much stronger, and truly felt by all.  I am so grateful for the faithful members around the globe who do all they can to share the gospel and edify Gods kingdom on the earth!  I love this gospel.  Being here, it has all come to life.  Jesus is real.  He loves us.  He has done so much and continues to help us daily.  He is my Savior.  He is my King.  I will do all I can to bring honor to His name.  He and us are part of a perfect plan made by our Father.  We CAN make it back to Him, and we will in our own due time.  Words cannot express how I feel about Him.  I know He lives.  This is His gospel and His Church.  In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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