Monday, October 10, 2016

10/10/16 Hola Famila!!!


It has been a great week!  The sun is shining, and I'm burning!   :)  The word is being preached and people are feeling it!
  So we have been teaching a woman M.  She is so kind, and always listens.  As we have taught her the Restoration she kept saying, " This is so different than what I have learned.  Why haven't I ever heard this before?"  All was fine until her daughter in law came in.  She came in and started to bible bash.  I was just thinking...NO!  We are going to lose her.  How is she going to progress with someone like that in the house!  This is never going to work.  I took a big deep breath and prayed with all my heart to know what to do.  I was amazed to open my mouth and something started coming out.  We were able to testify with the spirit.  And within 5 minutes that complete feeling in the room changed from Hostile to Peace!  It was incredible!  In the end we could see the difference in the eyes of this daughter in law.  She thanked us and invited us over again and promised to read the Book of Mormon!  We are so excited to go back and see her progress. I know that the gospel has been restored.  It is truth.  This mighty work will move forward. It will be preached to every person.  It is the truth that Christ wants us to have and live.  It is how we prepare to live with Him again.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have this gospel in my life.  I love my Savior and know that He is! 

This week we also visited D.  She is doing so great!  She reads from the Book of Mormon so much and is starting to get it!  She prayed for the first time in her life last week and is feeling the difference that it is making in her life!  This week we went with a member and well, the situation was less than ideal.  Her mother doesn't really like us, so she kept coming in and interupting the lesson.  We had started to share about the Restoration and I felt bad knowing that we were not in an envirnment that the spirit would be able to testify of these truths.  So we quickly wrapped up the thought and decied to share that with her later. BUT...when we asked if she had questions she turned to the recent convert and asked,  " What was it like when you were converting? "  Carolina bore such a beautiful testimony and the spirit that we had wanted to come the whole lesson, came.  ALL distractions stopped and her mother even listened intently to her testimony.  It was such a beautiful experience!  The spirit will come in the precise moment that it is needed.  This is such a special work and I feel blessed to take a small part in it. :)
 Love you all!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox     (Sorry on the last email, I accidentally put .com with my email and it is .net.)

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