Monday, October 17, 2016

10/17/2016 Turn to him!

These pictures were taken today at 3 fronts.  Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay

Hi Family,

Well its been a great one!   The sun has come out and boy, can I tell you....IT IS HOT!!! I am a bit, well,  FRIED!   :)    It is incredibly humid and oh, what a happy day it is when people receive us under the tree shade! 

Well, I want to share a bit about another investigator.  Her name is Mi. We had taught her a couple of times and she is on FIRE!  She is sensitive to the spirit and takes everything to the Lord on her knees.  This week her neighbor asked her why she is listening to the Mormons?  After asking her she told lies about us and the Mormons.   She thought that was a bit weird, because her neighbor never talks to her.  She told us, "I think it is just Satan, because he doesn't want me to be happy.   So after my neighbor talked to me, I went and asked God what He thinks of me listening to the Mormons...and I felt, OH SO GOOD! "  Yesterday we met her boyfriend and although he is not a fan of us he came out when we started singing.   :)  Mi. told us that through her example, He will start changing!  I love the faith of this woman!!!

The church is true.  God is aware.  Turn to Him.

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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