Thursday, September 29, 2016

09/26/16 Hello!!!


Well, spring has officially arrived, but I would call it SUMMER!  It is getting so hot, but at least it is cooling off in the night still.   COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS!  So this week has been special!  I got a call from President this week and he invited me and my companion to dinner at their hotel.  Can I just tell you how out of place I felt walking into there?  It was so very nice!  We were treated to a 5 course meal and great conversation.  Can I tell you what it feels like to sit down and spend 2 hours to eat a nice meal ?  After shoveling food in my throat for the last year in a hurry to get out the door and to work, it was amazing!  Ha.  I love President and Hermana Svek.  They are so good to us.  Our leaders are so inspired to know how to help their missionaries!  P.S.  I ate Sushi and LOVED IT!  Then I ate some weird robin egg or something like that and I LIKED IT too!  Ya, what?!   The next day we had a zone conference.  It was so very nice!  

Yesterday we were in a lesson with a woman.  All was going well.  The spirit was strong and she was understanding and feeling the spirit as well.  Let just say that getting a call in the middle of sharing the first vision isn't exactly what I had it mind.  The spirit was driven away quickly, but nonetheless we were able to invite Him back and it turned out well.  I was led to think about how sensitive the spirit is.  It doesn't take that much for Him to be offended or driven away.  If we are not careful, we may not even notice.  It is our decision how much we invite him in our lives and how long we allow him to stay with us. 

I got to go see an awesome baptism of a great man we taught in Barrio.  See picture.
So, as much as I hate the feeling I get from sinning, I am so very grateful for it.  It is the perfect way to be able to recognize sin and get back on the right path.  The burden is immediately lightened as we ask forgiveness and repent.  I am so grateful for the Savior and the gift of becoming clean that he gives me!  I love this gospel and am so grateful for it in my life! 
Thanks for all your support and prayers!
See you soon,

Hermana Fox

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