Monday, September 12, 2016

09/12/2016 Hey Family!


Well its been a great one! 

On Monday night, my two daughters went to Asuncion together for TRAMITES!  It was so fun to see both of them.  The memories come rushing back and it made me think about how much I have really changed even in the last 7 months! (The term daughters means that I trained them.  Tramites is legal papers.)

We had two children that were supposed to have their bautismo interviews this Saturday and on Friday they started to share some of their doubts and then on Saturday they didn't show up and we haven't heard from them still.  It is amazing how hard Satan works on us.  Each time we are doing something right, the fear, the problems, the opposition seems to take a few steroids!  We are hoping to see them tonight and get them excited again!

My companion has been a bit sick this weekend and so I had some extra time in the pension. It took my back to the time when I was sick with dengue.  I had an angel companion to take care of me and now I have been on the flip side!  It was nice to be able to reciprocate that love and service.
On Sunday we had a great lesson about develping our talents.  Something that impressed me was the promise that if we use and develop the talents that we have, God will bless us with more.  So, with my companion being sick, I started to draw again!  It was really fun, and as odd as it might sound it was kind of a spiritual experience drawing Christ.   :)  See photos.
Well, I can just say that I am so happy!  I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father.  I am grateful to my Savior.  I am so blessed for this experience to serve! I love you all and Im grateful for you!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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