Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6/6/16 Hola from Paraguay!

Hola Familia!

First week in Paraguay, Ciudad del este Barrio  is literally paradise!!! This ward is the reason I am here in the Argentina Posadas mission!  I am in love!!  I have recieved the warmest welcome from all the ward members!  There is so so much support from them!  They seriously just want to serve us in everyway that they can!  We enjoy lunch everyday with them.

A little about Paraguy, Cuidad del Este, It is a HUGE city and I LOVE IT!!!  Everyone basically speaks 3 languages or more.  Portuguese, Spanish and Guarni.  On top of that there are a lot of Chinese.  We were shopping today and in one store I heard a conversation in all 4 of these different languages,  AT THE SAME TIME! HAHA!  Sunday dinner was Brazilian and absolutely DELICIOUS!!  I am loving all the comodities that I have been missing out on.  I'm loving showers with water pressure, a kitchen sink with hot water, a toilet that is NOT plastic,  just to mention a few.  HAHA!  The people are VERY humble.  It doesn't matter if they have money or not, they want to talk with us and listen.  The people here are incredibly loving!  Just about everyone lets us in to listen, and then we cant leave without them feeding us.  Im just praying I can control myself and not get FAT!

We are currently working with a couple of youth, who are progressing for baptism.  There is so much work to be done here.  I have never had a ward who fully understands that EVERY member is a missionary, like this ward.  We are constantly recieving references, and having lessons with members.
There is a family Ojeda.  Their grandson was literally dying.  They were in the hospital and the Doctors said that there was nothing else that they could do.  It was 4:00 in the morning.  The Grandpa, (active member) called another member to give the baby a blessing.  During the blessing the baby start throwing up and started to react!  What  a miracle!  The mother,(less active) was touched and started to come to church again!  :)  I know that God is a God or miracles!  He loves us and is aware of each of us.
Funny story:  So the bishop came to fill up our propane tank.  We live in a apartment building on the 4th floor, so I threw the tank over my shoulder and packed it down.  When bishop saw me he was like,  " WHAT?!    Now, you have my respect!"  

Hermana Lopez is an angel!  I have so much to learn from her!  She has the biggest heart full of love, and so much patience.   I feel so blessed to be serving here with her at this time!  I love this gospel!  I love to see such a happy people, that LOVE to live the gospel!  This is the only way, and oh how very blessed I am to have this knowlege!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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