Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/30/16 Transfered to Paraguay! Wahoo!

It has been quite the week, full of growing experiences!
First off, TRANSFER NEWS:  I will be leaving Argentina this Wednesday and off to Paraguy I go!  My new companion is Hermana Lopez from Honduras.   :)   We are going to be in Cuidad del Este!  For all  who dont know, that is a HUGE city on the boarder of Paraguy, Brazil, and Argentina.  Here we go with Portugese and Guarni language as well as Spanish!!!  Needless to say, I am sad to be leaving the small town of Corpus Christi and Roca and the eternal friends I have made here, but I am excited for a new adventure!    :)
As for Corpus Christi and Roca, I am going to miss so much the branch members here!  I remember my third night here in Corpus, after I passed out with the Dengue fever, Karina and Ruben came and took such good care of me: getting me to the hospital, buying me a Sprite, and giving me a blessing.  I remember thinking, Wow Ruben is the ONLY preistood holder here in town and I am blessed enough to have him here with me!  And how how blessed I feel to be a part of the Pittana family (This family basically makes up the whole branch of Corpus).  President and Andrea take such good care of us.  Washing out clothes, feeding us multiple times a week, and just being the greatest support for us missionaries!  Then in Roca there is family Piava.  They have kept me on the edge of my seat LAUGHING!  They have 2 children, but more than 30 exotic pets!  They are always so excited to feed me odd things and then tell me after what I ate!  And oh how I will miss the youth of this branch!  I have loved teaching Sunday school each week and feeling of their GREAT desires to follow Christ and SHINE out in the world today!  Sorry for the short moment of reminiscing.    :) :)
So yesterday we taught a young man, and can I tell you how much I love it when someone ACTUALLY thinks about what we are saying!  We were explaining that Christ established His church and how only Him and His 12 apostles had the Preistood authority.  "And as each of them died, this authority was lost and the Chrurch of Christ wasn't on the earth in its plentitude."  He looked at us and said, "So I guess we just have to wait for the 12 apostles to be ressurected!"  Well, BASICALLY that is what happened!  That was  perfect way to enter the Restoration of the Preisthood and the church! It was great!  He has agreed to learn more and pray for answers!
Thank you all so much for all you do for me.  I appreciate all the love and prayers that come my way!  I feel so blessed to be on a mission right now.  I know it is where I need to be.  God has a plan, and it is PERFECT.  I would not want to be in ANY other place.  I know that God lives, and that the church of His Son, Jesus Christ, is on earth today.  What a privledge I have to share this with my brothers and sisters her in Argentina and Paraguay!      :)
See you soon,
Hermana Fox
Mission Argentina Posadas
Cordoba 1243
Posadas CP-3300

P.S. Im really sorry, but pictures are not sending again.  We have a very weak connection out here.        Just imagine me HAPPY, for THAT I am.

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