Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6/13/16 Bom dia em familia

Hola Family and Friends!
I hope all is going well there and that you are all enjoying the warm sun!  Winter has come, and oh it is cold!  Actually it doesnt drop below 0 C.  There isn't a single building with heating.  After being without heating all day, you feel it quite strongly.
It has been quite the week! I know I'm not going to be able to share it all, but I'll do my best!!!
So it has been a week of miracles!  Wednesday we passed by an investigator that we had lost a bit of hope in, due to the law of chastity and boyfriends not willing.  We decided to pass by one more time, and reteach this law.  She testified to us throughout the whole lesson that it would be a great law to live.  Then in the end she said, "so I told my boyfriend that He can live here anymore until we are married." Say WHAT?!  Ha, she told us that she is feeling a lot better since he left, and BAM FETCHA BAUTISMAL!!!  We are working to prepare her for the 25th of JUNE! 
Oh but it didn't stop there, right after we had a lesson with JA.  She is the less active, who had the miracle with her baby living after receiving a blessing.  We walked in and asked her how she was doing, and how her "boyfriend" is doing.  She got quiet, and said, "Well Sunday I told him that if he doesn't want the church, then I don't want him.  So I kicked him out, and oh, can I tell you how good I feel?!"  I was literally SHOCKED!  The change in this woman is incredible and she desires to just do want is right even before we invite her. 
Thursday morning we recieved a call from a member.  He said he wanted to bring us breakfast.  Ok, WHY NOT?!  We dropped down from our apartment and he had 2 kilos of  Dulce de leche (similar to carmel), and nothing else. Haha!  People here are so funny here, yet so very generous!!! :)
Also we had a lesson that was FULLY in Guarni this week!  Thanks to members and all their help to make it posible.  Basically there was a lot of translating.  We taught and then the member repeated in Guarani.  The members continue to help and bless us!!!  I am blessed beyond measure!
Yikes we found quite the Catholic this week. She said, "There is only 1 HUGE difference between me and you.  "You are Christian, and I am Christian AND "Mariana" (HUGE believer in Mary)".  It makes me so sad to see people who place things in the way of coming unto Christ.  I know that Christ is the ONLY way.  He is the ONLY Savior.  There is NO other way, and there never will be!  I am so grateful for the sacrifice and investment He made for me. "I STAND ALL AMAZED"!  I love this gospel, and I am so grateful to stand up to the world and testify of Him.
See you soon,
Hermana Fox
Mission Argentina Posadas
Cordoba 1243
Posadas CP-3300

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