Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3/7/16 Gracias!

First of all, I want to thank each one of you!  Thank you for your prayers, for your fasting, and all the love you are sending!  I so appreciate it!  I don't know how else I can express it, but THANK YOU!  Thank you for your faith, diligence, and love for the Savior!  You are all such great examples to me!

Update on this week....as my sister Kelsey, would say it was a bit of a "blah" week, not a bad "blah", just a week where not much happened.   Ha.  I have continued to struggle with my health.  I have still had a  high fever, no energy and intense back, leg and joint pain.  I am every so slowly inching forward and getting better!  We were able to get out and work 1.5 days this week, which after being in an Argentine pension on your mission, is like escaping from an infested cave and finding heaven.   Other than that, I have been to lots of hospitals, LOTS of Doctors, and lots of travel to be told that Im just fine and that it is just Dengue Fever and it's effects.  I have been told that sometimes the illness can linger for one and half months or longer.  It can continue on for quite some time, but I hope to be finishing up here soon! 

I am doing well, just anxious to get back out and do what I came here to do!  We did have transfers today.  My dearest Hermana Ehlert is being taken away.  I will miss her.  I will start training a new sister!  Wahoo and Yikes all in one WAH-KES!  I know the Lord is in control.  He knows what he is doing.   I love my Savior and am grateful for the opportunity to come closer to Him.  

I love you!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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