Tuesday, March 22, 2016

03/21/16 Ask, Listen, Act. Watch the miracles!

Today is the day! It is officially fall! WAHOO! I didn’t know if it
would ever get here,but oh how time flies! Today we woke up to a
wonderful rain, thunder, and lightning storm. That was a happy
surprise  Not having electricity doesn’t bug me that much.   In fact, I
have learned to enjoy it! :)
So as I shared with you last week, I have a new goal to follow every
prompting and Oh let me tell you! I have a story or two to share with
So everyday we pray for the spirit and the courage to follow it.  Here
are the results.   :)
1. We walked out of a lesson with an investigator, and as we left the
house the daughter of this investigator was walking in. We said Hello
and kept walking. We had just left the gate when I knew I had to talk
to THAT woman. Yes, the one that we had already passed and greeted. I
turned around and hollered back to her. We started talking and in the
end she gave us a referral to her friend who had received lessons
before, and asked when we were going to come to her house!  BAM! Ask.
Listen. Act. Watch the miracle.
2. We went to this referral. Her name is Rita and her daughter is
Gizel. I think that was the most powerful lesson I have had in my
mission! It was incredible. No one could deny what everyone of us
felt. We listened to them explain the feelings that they had in their
heart.     “Its like a fluttering, right here!” “I don’t know how to
explain it, it is something so internal, I don’t know that I have ever
felt this way,”  they said. We are excited to go back and visit them tonight!
Ask. Listen. Act. Watch the miracle.
3. We were walking through the streets of Corpus contacting. We
started speaking to a lady, and there was nothing too different or
special about her. She was closed off and didn’t want to talk to us.
I wanted to give her a pamphlet specifically the “Gospel of Jesus
Christ” I reached in my backpack and the in the last minute I felt I
should give her “The Restoration”.    I pulled it out and gave it to her.
She looked at the picture of Christ holding the lost sheep and started
to cry. “I am that lost sheep, and He is looking for me. I have
pushed away from Him, not Him from me.” How special it was to watch
her heart soften. Ask. Listen. Act. Watch the miracle.
Well the list could go on, but the message is the same. Ask. Listen.
Act. And Watch the miracles!
I know that my Savior lives and loves each of us. I am so grateful to
be a part of His army and defend His name. I am grateful that I can! 
Thanks so much for all of your prayers!  I am very grateful!
Love you all,
Hermana Fox

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