Tuesday, March 29, 2016

03/28/16 HAPPY EASTER!!!

This was my Happy Easter package from my family with pictures and treats!

Hola mi familia! ¿Como están?  ¡Espero que tuvieron un maravillosa pascua!

Bueno, so I feel like I am starting to sound about like a broken record.   My week was FANTASTIC, but Argentina thought it would be fun to throw another couple of “bugs” my way to try them out on their free American volunteer, being me.   We spent the weekend cooped up in “the cave”, as I regained my strength and health.  As of today the fever is coming down and I am feeling much better and have great outlooks on the coming week!  :) Nonetheless all is well, all is well. President said there is a bacteria going around and other missionaries are sick, too.  A big thanks for cousin Kristen Toone's recipe book. We were able to entertain ourselves and keep from becoming mal-nutrition-ed by making everything we could out of our shortly supplied ingredients. (Flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and a few baking necessities J )  Biscuits, tortillas, and French toast were quite the treat.  Boy it has been a long time since I have even seen or heard of those!

So earlier in the week we were out contacting and we came to house, clapped, and a man came out.  He has happy as could be to see “Servants of the Lord” and invited us in right away! (2 very odd things).  He continued to shock me when I asked him What God meant to him personally? And he answered!  He started talking all about God!  I was literally sitting on his porch AWESTRUCK!  A MALE. WHO TALKS ABOUT GOD. AND WANTS TO TALK WITH US?!?!  
 Merry Christmas!  A couple minutes passed as we listened to him ramble off about God and then, BAM, came my answer.  “Oh ya…I am actually the preacher in my church”….Everything started to make sense.  I laughed a little to myself, but truthfully I was quite intrigued by the man.  He started his church about 8 years ago after leaving the Catholic Church.  He could see that it was in the wrong, and so he started studying the bible and praying and started a church based on the bible and what he knew.  I decided we were going to give him a try, because he is not in fault, because he has not been given the opportunity to know the truth, specifically of the Restoration.   He is doing the BEST he knows how to do!  More time passed and he started to pull out his bible and tell us just about everything he knew.  I started to feel a bit insecure.  Here I am a little 20 year American “senorita”, who is learning Spanish, and who is about to break it to this man that he is in the wrong and he has to change his ways, (obviously in words a little less harsh J ).  Just as I thought that, a thought came to my mind and power filled me.  “You have been set apart to testify of the truth!  You have the authority of God, do not be afraid!”  WOW!  I felt like I had all the confidence in the world and I was ready to testify my little heart out!

Well to make a long story short, we taught him and gave him an opportunity, and the next time we passed, he ever so nicely attacked us with the bible.  We testified, and left the situation.  If people do not want to listen with their ears and hearts we cannot force them.  It is a sad truth and it about breaks my heart, but that is the gift of agency.  Don’t be the child with the hardened heart.  Open it up and allow him to change you and teach you.

I spoke in church yesterday on the Atonement.  I shared about blessings from Christ and his Atonement.  I also shared a personal story about how Christ helped me and comforted me through a very difficult time.  It went well.

This Easter was so wonderful!  I leave you with my testimony and 1 question.
  I love my Savior.  I know He lives.  I know He loves me and you.  I know that one day He will come again to rule and reign! 
 What are you doing in your life to SHOW that you BELIEVE? 
  Enjoy meditating! J

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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