Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2/22/16 "Oh ye of great faith."‏

Hello Family!  I hope all is well on the other side of the woods!  Well this week has been a week filled with faith....meaning I have been pondering about faith, experiencing the faith of others, and questioning the faith of myself.  :)  (No worries...I'll explain!)

So first of all, Elder Bednar is coming to South America and we are having a transmission this Wednesday led by him!!!  Im so excited!  In preparation for this, we have been asked to study 3 of his talks (STRAIGHT FUEGO!).  There has been an overall focus of Faith.  In one of them, he shares the story of Joshua in the Old Testament.  God had made a promise that the Jordan River would be parted so that they could pass through on dry ground.  When Joshua arrived with his people...NOTHING happened.  But that did not stop them.  They trusted in the promise that God had made them and started to walk into the river, actually getting their feet wet!  This is when the promise was fulfilled and the waters were parted, NOT when they were just sitting on the edge of the river waiting for the miracle to happen.  It was necessary to act in faith and actually get a bit wet!

This story had such a great impact on me that we decided to share it with an investigator.  She is struggling to overcome smoking, and so we shared this story with her and left the commitment to stop smoking.  We said, "We would like to help you put a goal and take a small "step into the water".  She was a bit weary about it and got nervous to put a date.  Then she looked at us and said, "Give me until Monday."  Both of our jaws dropped and we looked at each other.  We were both thinking of giving her a couple of weeks or a month!  But oh how great is the faith of this special sister!  She was willing to take a step into the water!

So then this Friday, I came down with a very high fever (39C) again with body aches, and well just about like I felt like I did when I had Dengue.  So that gave me quite the scare!  We waited it out a bit Saturday, but I just kept getting worse, so we traveled back down to Posadas and spent the day in the hospital with tests and doctors. :) Good thing, they tested it NOT to be Dengue.  Bad thing, they told my I'm perfectly fine.  I don't know if I just don't understand life when it is in Spanish or what, but when you are burning a fever that high, I would say EVERYTHING is not just DANDY! HA!  

I did receive a blessing and it was repeated over and over again was that I will be healed according to my faith.  So my question is,  How will I take my steps into the river and get my feet a bit wet?  I know that God gives us these trials in our lives so that we can prepare to return to him.  I would like to hear from Christ, "Oh ye of GREAT faith" as I would imagine all of us would, but are we ready to face the trials He puts in our paths so that we can have this  GREAT faith?  

I love this Gospel, I love the knowledge it gives, I love my Savior and I'm grateful that He has enough love for me to give me ways to increase my faith.  This gospel will change your life if you let it.  Please let Him in.  Please invite Him.  He is there waiting.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thanks for everything, I love you tons!  

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

So here are some of the pics from last week :) 
A group from our zone
My and my companion-speaking of her...she is the best!  Honestly, I could not be more blessed!  She is an angel especially through this wack transfer with all my special needs!  SHE IS A CHAMP!!!

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