Tuesday, February 23, 2016

02/19/16 O está todo bien :)‏

Hello!  I hope all is well way up there in the North.  All is just dandy down here in the Southern hemisphere.  Thank you for all your prayers!  I am feeling so much better, and Dengue has cleared my system.  We are back to normal work and it is just so GREAT!  It is so happy to be working!  That is why I am here and I just enjoy it so very much!  I love to see the miracles God is working in the lives of all!  It is just a pleasure to be a member of the Greatest Work on Earth!

I have told you all a bit about LA. , I believe.  Her husband has not been up to listening much.   Hermana. Ehlert and I have prayed, fasted, pondered, and studied for him and we truly feel that he is going to come out of His little, "I don´t need religion man cave".  When we went and visited her on Saturday night.  We sat down, and without even asking, the whole family brought chairs, came and sat down and listened and participated!  It was such a exhilarating spirit filled lesson.  Before CN., (the husband) had never sat down, but he would stand in the room and kind of listen, but walk in and out.  When we were talking about Christ being resurrected he said, "Ya and then He went and visited the people in Jerusalem and in America, like you guys said before, and probably went and visited His other children, but we just don't have records".  Both of our jaws just dropped!  I love watching when testimonies of people start to grow!  It is the funnest thing to watch! 

It was so much fun to teach a complete family.   This was maybe the second time in all of my mission to teach a whole family!  The gospel is perfectly formed to help families!  We have focused on trying to find and teach families, but they are so hard to find! 

 The Gospel of Jesus Christ is such an incredible plan God has created for us, and it works beautifully for everyone, no matter the situation!  I have seen it work over and over again in my life, as well as in the lives of many others.  I invite you to live it, love it, and watch the miracles fill your lives!

Yael, (pronounced shy-el) has been the highlight of my week! The hermanas had taught her 2 times before, and when I got there and sat down for the first time with her, she brought out her Book of Mormon and literally started teaching us the whole thing from the introduction!  As she was talking I just kept thinking she is going to end soon, but she continued, from Lehi to leaving Jerusalem to Nephi returning to the ship to entering the promised land.  I was literally awestruck!  I finally stopped her and asked how far she had read..."Oh just right here (pointing to 2 Nephi 9)!"  WHAT?!  And she understands it, I'm afraid better than me!  I started to think it was too good to be true, so I said, "Well, ya this story is great, but it doesn't do us much good unless we can apply it into our lives."  She stopped me and then went off and all the things she had learned and how she was starting to apply in her life!  I love HER!  Literally her story is filled with miracles, but I don't have time to share them all!  For now her spouse is not letting her come to church and is laughing and making fun of her for "becoming religious".  So for now we are praying out little hearts out, and acting in all that we can.

So it is a humid mess down here.  I walk out side and literally I'm just soaked in my sweat.  I have never sweated like this in all of my life!  There has been lots of rain.  Basically, Im just a walking ball of mold.   HAHA!  All is happy and great and good!

I love you all and hope all is well.   Remember I love you, but more importantly God loves you.

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

So today we went to the San Ignacio ruins. They are from the ancients? Ha.  The story is that the are the Catholic missionaries that came here.  We went in their temple.  :)  (That is why the providence is called MISSIONES...from the catholic missionaries that came) Sorry for the History Class :)

PS. SORRY.  pictures arent sending...so you can just imagine me taking goofy pictures at the ruins!

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