Wednesday, January 27, 2016

01/25/16 Oh Happy Day!

Hola! ¿Como estan todos de ustedes allá arriba en el frio? Todo esta bien aqui abajo! :)  It has been a super great week!  Transfer calls came in this morning...and I am being transfered to Corpus. It is 5 hours away?  I don't actually know, but I do know it is in Argentina.  (maybe one day I´ll finally cross over to Paraguy ;) ) Ha...I will be serving with Hna. Elhert, she is from Canada, but recently moved to Alpine Utah!  Wahoo!  We get to serve as Sister Training Leaders together.  I am going to miss Eldorado so much, and it will be hard to say goodbye, but I know that is where God would have me be in this moment...entonces...BUENO!  :)

So I ate cow tongue this week...that made me want to vomit.  We were in the bus terminal and we were starving, so we stopped at the buffet.  I thought I was choosing chicken (because who puts cow tongue in a sauce and does not put a HUGE sign warning everyone what it is?!?!) finally asked my companion...when I finished the dish.  BLAH!   So gross.  Here in Argentina, people eat every part of the animal.  Intestines. Kidneys. Bone marrow. tongue. what ever you can chew.

We had a great conference broadcasted of the apostles for all the missionaries!  WOW!  How loving is God to send us living guides!  I know they are men called of God, and I am so grateful for them!  :)  January has flown by and I have a feeling the rest of the year will too.

So we had contacted a couple last week and this week we passed by.  We were in the middle of the lesson when their son walked in.  There was an IMMEDIATE change in the atmosphere.  Everything felt so dark.  The Spirit immediate left us.  Both of us felt it so strongly...neither of us could hardly talk.  When this son left the room, the spirit entered the room again, and we were able to quickly wrap up the lesson and run home.  Literally run!  You may wonder why I share this, but it was a testimony strengthener to me of how powerful the spirit is.  As a missionary we completely rely on the spirit...without it, we are NOTHING!  We couldnt even speak.  I felt so alone, lost, confused, and scared with out Him.  I am so grateful for Him, and the promise we have that He will always be with us.  But we MUST be aware, that if we are not in holy places...HE CANNOT ABIDE! 

The spirit is so real and I am so grateful for Him.  I could tell you countless experiences from this week alone, but I dont have the time and you probably dont want to hear all of them.    So I invite you no matter where life finds you to have an experience with the spirit this week.  Invite him in your life, and RELY on Him.  With Him it will be given ALL things what ye should do. :)  I love this gospel.  I love my Savior.  I am grateful for His love, and I love Him.  I want to serve him until the end of my days and beyond!  Im grateful for this privilege  to serve a mission!  Thanks and love to all!

See you soon! 

Hermana Fox

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