Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey Hey, Happy November! How crazy is that?!

 Can you believe its November?  Next November...I´ll be home!  How fast does time fly when your having fun in the greatest work on earth?  I don't actually know how to describe it...but  WOW! Its fast!

It was just a fabulous week!  It is such a blessing to be able to watch people progress in the gospel, and watch how it truly changes their lives! 

Gl. is great!  He is working on quitting smoking.   He is truly struggling with this, but this will make him all the stronger in the end.  Without the sacrifices, we wont be able to notice the blessings.  This is true in whatever part of your life, and may take on many different forms. 

Go., well he is just the funniest person I have ever met.  We taught the law of chastity this week. I said, "So Hermano Go., will you live the law of chastity?"   He looks at me and with the biggest smile on his face says, "Hermana Fox, do you know what your asking?"  ha!   I said, "Of course Gustavo, I'm inviting you to live the commandments of God and better your life!"  None the less, we will be having more discussions on the law of chastity in the near future.  I have hope and I'm not to worried about it!  Ha.  I about died laughing!  He will be the strongest member in all of Argentina after his baptism.  He has the biggest heart and wants to do so much  good!

Ga!  She is doing so well.  Yesterday we taught about service in the church and she is so excited to get a calling.  Then she asked us if she could give a talk in church, because she wants to share all she is reading in her  Book of Mormon studies!  I love to see the light and the spirit she has.  She basically teaches us, and MAN does she have the spirit with her!  

 Ok, sorry for the rambling!  The gospel is the only way we will make it back to our Father in  Heaven. Choose it, Live it, Share it,  Love it!  Love you all!  Thank you for all your support, prayers, and love !

Love, Hermana Fox

P.S.  I forgot.  I will be getting transferred this week, to Elderado?( I don't know  how to spell anything in Spanish :)   I will be senior companion this time.  My new companion is from Peru.  Its 4 hours from Posadas I believe. I am sad to be leaving all of the great people here, but I cant wait to embark on the work of the Lord in Elderado! It truly doesn't matter where we are serving because we are all in this for the same purpose.  We are bringing to pass the immorality and eternal life of man! 
I found a John Deere!  This is for you, Dad!

I made pumpkin pie for our 5 month service mark!

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