Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 How do we progress?

OH... FUNNY STORY!!!  So we were walking one straight darkness.  I felt like I stepped on something squishy....I look down and see a frog the size of a FULL GROWN CHICKEN!  It was SO GROSS!  Me and my companion screamed SO LOUD and started running, all the neighbors came out of thier houses to see what had happened.  HA!  Oh what they must think about the CRAZY mormons!  :)  I´m just glad all is well, because apparently there are frogs here that are fatal.  They actually kill dogs all the time! HA!  Now we don't ever walk in the dark without flashlights!

Another FANTISTIC week in the work of the Lord!  I have been studying a bit about the plan of Salvation and I wanted to share a bit of my thoughts.

 What is our purpose here in this life?  Preach My Gospel describes it in 2 parts:  We are to PROGRESS and we are to be HAPPY.  Many times we get sucked into the progression, and forget about the being happy. We just want to learn, to overcome our obstacles, to be better than we are now. We want to be better listeners to the Spirit.   We want to be more patient, loving and faithful.  We want to live the commandments with more exactness.  We want to one day return to our Father in Heaven, being our BEST self.
These are NOT BAD desires, in fact they are great!  However,  it is important to remember that we ARE TO FIND JOY,  and if we are not doing that, we are not completly fulfilling our purpose.  We are to smile, and laugh.  Enjoy hard times, good times and just plain life!  Look for the small things, because there is ALWAYS something to smile about and be grateful for.  

When we can learn to PROGRESS and have JOY, that is when we are fulfilling our purpose!  Oh and P.S.  I think you will find that you like your life better when you put the two together!

Thank you all for your examples! You're amazing, and dont let anyone convince you otherwise!

We also  offered service this week to a less active member, and she finally accepted!  We spent time washing clothes and chatting with her!  We have contacted a ton this week and have been rejected a ton too!  All is well and the work moves forward!

Oh, our AC doesnt work, so it is SO HOT AT night.  We havent slept the greatest! Ha, I just lay and bed and sweat!  GROSS!  HAHA

I made Banana bread today...that was really good!  Just like home!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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