Monday, November 23, 2015

Hakuna Matata!!!

So we have a few pets in the apartment....Cockroaches, lizards, and mosquito :)  This is my island of protection :)

We had zone conference this week which was amazing!  WOW!  I am learning so much! (Me with Presidente and Hermana LaPierre)
Oh and I helped a less active make bread this week. :)  That was happy!
Well, first off...I hope you all have the best thanksgiving ever!  That is one Holiday I will surely miss, but how great it will be to just serve others on this very special day!  

Well, I´ll sorry if this letter gets a little long...but so much is happening and I want to share a little bit of everything! :)

WOW!  Being a missionary is great!  Just imagine...DECLARING and DEFENDING the truth all the day long.  That about sums up the 1.5 or 2 years :)  When Christ taught he taught with clarity.  He told it how it is, clearly, as to avoid any confusion.  Yes he shared all the beautiful poetic blessings and doctrine, but he also shared what would happen if we chose not to follow him.  Well Hermana Castillo and I were in a lesson and we were urged to do just that. We were urged to plainly declare our outcomes of our choices.  The spirit was strong as we BOLDLY testified, I believe everyone within a mile could feel it!  Oh how amazing the power of the spirit and our calling is.
So one morning during personal study I was searching the scriptures to find something to share with a member during our lunch apt.  Lunch was great (as always, with this angel) and we shared the scripture and everything was normal.  I didnt think anything of it! Later that night, we had an apt with an investigator and we had planned to share the restoration. When we got there, this woman started telling us an experience she had and her difficulties.  She was crying and visible shaken.  This scripture that I had found for lunch was the perfect scripture to give her peace!  God works in mysterious ways.  He knows our paths, and he knows what each one of His children are need of. It is so amazing to see Him in the works.  I love being His mouth piece and bringing his word to his children.

AE. She is 18 years old and has been investigating the church for over a year.  Her parents have been against her getting baptized, but now that she is is her choice.  We met with her last week and she was quite torn.  Her parents told her that they would (basically) abandon her if she joined the church.  She asked if we would fast with her.  She wanted the strength to tell her parents that she had made her disicion.  We fasted and  the next morning she texted us and said "I`m ready!"  We said,  " Good, we are too!"  She is such an example of Faith, standing for the truth, and courage!  

Hakuna Matata- Our moto this week.  "It means no worries, for the rest of your days, its our problem free philosophy".  You guys all know how it goes.  :)  So sometimes I struggle, (like many of us do) with questioning if I´m doing what God would have me do.  Am I learning what he would have me learn,  acting as he would have me act.  And so forth...well this morning I was reading in D&C 76:2-3 "GREAT is His wisdom, MARVELOUS are his ways and the extent of his doings NONE can find out.  His purposes FAIL NOT, neither are there ANY who can stay his hand."  WOW EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!  I just need to stop worrying, because God has a plan.  He will provide me with the experiences I need. He will make me in to the person that He needs, AND NOBODY can get in His way!  (not even me!)  So, take a deep breath, and sing HAKUNA MATATA! :)

I love you all so much!  Thank you for everything!  Hope its the best Thanksgiving ever!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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