Monday, November 9, 2015

Loving Life in Eldorado!

What a BIG fantastic week!  I guess I´ll start at the beginning?  Ha.

Saying goodbye...Wow that was hard!  There are so many great people in Lavalle!  It was like saying goodbye to my family all over again.  Most of the goodbyes went really well, one family when I told them that I would be leaving both of the parents started crying.  It was quite a great experience, because the whole time that we had visited, the father was quite hard hearted.  He didn't want to participate in the lessons, he just wanted to tell us everything he knew about the Bible, and how there cannot be another book.  In the end it was so great to see that his heart is starting to change, and he can recognize  us as the servants of the Lord that we are.

Coming to Eldorado...It is about 4 hours North of Posadas in a bus.  It is about 100% different!  I love it here!  I am literally in HEAVEN!  It is like a Jungle...We walk down streets and pick Papayas!  I had Mango in my oatmeal...which was fantastic!   It is a bit cooler, which will be such a blessing this winter!  
So I walked into the apartment and my companion tells me, that we don't have hot water in the shower, the kitchen sink doesn´t work, there is a gas leak, and there is no light in the bathroom.  In my mind I was thinking...WAHOO!  This is what I was imagining when I called to Argentina!  Ha!  But all that changed when I realized how inconvenient all these things were.  As of now, we have just about fixed everything!  It is GREAT!

Speaking of my companion: She is so great!  She is a spiritual GIANT!  She is the only member in her family, and her family has practically abandoned her because she joined the church and came on a mission.  Her testimony is so strong and I am learning so much from her!  She is from Peru.

The Branch here is great!  There is so much love within it.   Wow can I tell you the difference that makes?!  I have already fallen in love with so many of them!  The total atmosphere of the branch is different because everyone wants to be a part of this great work!  I urge all of you, where ever you may be, to JOIN this great work.  Talk to the missionaries in your ward, stake, or area.  YOUR LIFE will change.  YOUR TESTIMONY will be strengthened.  The Lord will bless you!  I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to be a small part of His marvelous work! 

Some of you have asked about the Spanish. It is going well!  I can communicate easily. YES, I learn more every day, but it is not a barrier.  :)   I actually had members complement me this week and said it sounds like you've been out for a year!  I replied, God is real, the gift of tongues is real, and I am just one blessed missionary!

I love you all!  Thank you all for you support and love!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

P.S. Our area is huge...12 kilometers:)  Lots of walking, lots of cows...I secretly want to ride one, so we´ll see how that goes!

Today we explored the jungle a bit...and picked Papayas :)  Do I look indigenous? (is that word Spanish or English?)

Walking to appointments...ya we get lost...just about every day :)

Enjoying ice last night in Lavalle!  I have the best sister missionaries in the world!

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