Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5/16/16 One year down!

Hey Family and Friends,
What a week in the work of the Lord!  I cannot tell you how many hard hearted people we have found this week.  It  really saddens my soul.  It has been a really tough week.  But on the other hand we have felt the spirit so strongly this week!  Sunday was just a day full of miracles.  After we had a long week of feeling like we accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  We didn't have power all morning, so we had church in the dark.   :)   As we sat in church, in walked an investigator that we had dropped 2 weeks ago!  She came by her own will!  I LOVE IT.  Then we had lesson after lesson lead by the spirit.  We had planned something for all of them, but as we sat and taught, the Spirit guided us to say exactly what these people needed to hear and FEEL!  I am so grateful for the Spirit!  I know that God lives, and that this is His kingdom on the earth today.  I am so grateful to be a part of it!
Love you all and see you soon,
Hermana Fox
Mission Argentina Posadas
Cordoba 1243
Posadas CP- 3300

So this is ROCA,  (It is one of our areas.  The tree population is 12x more than the people population. :)  )

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