Monday, April 25, 2016

4/25/16 "Bear with patience thy afflictions, and I will give unto thee success."

Hello family!
Well, it has been quite the week of challenges and testing!  :) Ha.  Well,  I believe I have faced more rejection this week than I have in any other week of my mission.  Usually people reject us without being too rude and then there are the people who are just out right RUDE!  We came across this young mother and she invited us in.  We sat down and talked for about 3 minutes and were just about to sing a hymn.  Well her Aunt came to the door and said, "Get out of the house. We don't believe in anything you have to say.  We are Catholic and we don't need you to confuse us,  you Jehovah Witnesses are Devilish."  I looked at her with a smile and said, "We are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We were just going to sing a song.  Would that be ok?"  She looked and me, and said, "Get out of here, no you cannot!"  We politely said thank you and left.  Wow! My heart was saddened at the hardness of her heart.  As I walked away, I said, "Be strong, there are others prepared" and a scripture came to mind.  Alma 26:27.   This is what I remembered... "go and bear with patience thy afflictions." I remember thinking how much I loved it in the weeks prior, but in this moment I did not feel much comfort at all.  A few days later in my study I passed this scripture again and saw the rest of it, "Bear with patience thy afflictions, and I will give unto thee success." 
The hard weeks or days we face are all part of our progress.  How would be become stronger if we weren't tested, tried and examined?  Each experience, we have the decisions to learn from it and become stronger in our faith, or fall away. 
On Thursday after having all our appointments and contacting for 2 hours without success, we sat down on the side of the street and offered a prayer.  I was feeling quite useless in God´s hands and didn't know what more to do.  After praying for direction we started walking and the next house we were drawn to, we found a woman, who is so in need of support! She has faced deaths of many close relatives in the last months, and her son was just diagnosed with cancer.  She was broken.  We testified and were able to bear with her, her afflictions.  What a tender mercy!  If I would just be a bit humbler and rely on the Lord, HE WILL LEAD me!
Thanks for all your love and support!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox
Enjoying my Peanut butter
Sister Villa...a great example to me of enduring to the END.

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