Monday, April 11, 2016

4/11/16 Hello! Hello! Hello!


Well, I hope you all survived the "dinosaur of tomorrow" (Elder Holland)  and have continued pressing forward this week!

As for me, the dinosaur didn't catch me until Thursday. Ha.  We had a great first half of the week.  We met with La. and Jn. and they are just doing so great!  We didn't have much time, but we wanted to pass by and at least bring them the spirit for a short moment.  As we were leaving, I asked her if there was something we could do to help her and she said, "Please pass by more often!"  I smiled and she continued, "I feel so good when you two are here.  There is a peace in my home, and everything seems to go well that day."  We took the opportunity to teach about the spirit that she was feeling and let her know that she can and will be able to always feel the spirit after her baptism and confirmation.  Her face lit up and she asked me, "What do I need to do to get baptized?"    The spirit works miracles and I am so grateful to have Him as a constant companion!  I have never felt Him so much like I do now!  We left her house as happy as 2 lil-girls could be with new toys!  HA HA.

Well, then Thursday came...and then Friday...and let me tell you, NOTHING was happening!  All of our appointments fell through, and we were left with hours of contacting.  Very few people were listening and the ones that were, were drunk or only wanted to talk about our different cultures.  Well, the situation started to get blown up in my head, and on Friday night I just concluded, that I was doing absolutely nothing and that nobody is ready to receive the gospel.  Well, maybe I wasn't quite that distraught, but I was at a moment of VERY little faith.  Saturday I decided to fast.  That is when I took a 180!   We had a great lesson with Lorena and Juan.  We started the Restoration and at the end we invited Juan to say the prayer.   (He is much colder than Lorena and is progressing much slower.)   We had asked him before, but he laughed and said, "No, I just listen."  But this time was different.  We knelt down on the dirt cement floor and he offered a sincere heartfelt prayer.  The spirit was strong!  It was great!  On Sunday, he chickened out, but Lorena and one of their daughters came to church.  We are so excited to continue working with them!    :) 

I had not even finished my fast before the blessings started raining!  I know God is aware of us, and blesses us as we act in faith!   I am so grateful to be a part of God´s army and bring the world His truth!

Funny/Not so funny story of the week:    Well on Thursday night, we went and clapped at a house and the dogs came running  out, which is very normal here. They usually just jump up on us and want to play, but this one charged me and bit my ankle!  WHAT?!  I was shocked!  I screamed like a little girl and then the owner ran out.   He asked me, "Why didn't you kick him?!"   Before my mission I would have looked at him and said, "You are going to blame this on me?  Are you kidding me?!"  But I gave him the best smile I could and said, "I didn't think he would bite me." He laughed at me, and we made a good contact out of it!
No worries.  All is well.  There wasn't too much blood.

I love you all!  

See you soon,
Hermana Fox
My address:
Mission Argentina Posadas
Cordoba 1243
Posadas CP-3300

-I made a really great casserole. It is the first I've had on my mission.   :)  They were small pumpkins filled with meat, egg, and onion, covered in a cheese sauce. YUM! 
-I feel like we are always waiting for buses.

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