Monday, April 18, 2016

4/18/16 Conversion is Sweet!

Hola Familia! 

Wow!  We had a great week!  The work of the Lord presses on!

We had a great lesson with La.  E. (who is different than La, and Jn.) this week!  We have been teaching her for about 3 months.   Recently, this week she told us that her and “spouse” separated.  It is quite a difficult situation that she is passing through, and she unloaded her thoughts to us.  Then she told us how she is finding strength through prayer and true conversation with her Father in Heaven.  She told us about repenting and how light she felt after.  She is such an example to me of positivism and RELYING on Heavenly Father.  As we sat and listened, although I felt so sad for her, I had a feeling of overwhelming happiness.  My  joy was great as I witnessed the start of “conversion”.  

We have visited La. and Jn. a couple of times this week, and wow miracles happen!    :)   La. and her daughter Ai. are enjoying praying and reading together.  Jn. seems to be a bit slower to catch on the the spiritual side of things, but as I am with him,  I feel he knows it is true.  I t is just a time of adjustment and he has to CHOOSE to act on what he has been given.   We have placed baptism dates with Ai. and La.  and they are so excited to make this promise with God.  We are expecting progress with all of the family.    :)

So apparently, I just need to find people named La., because those sisters are the prepared!  Well, bueno, we had transfers today, but lucky me,  I am staying here in Corpus and Roca with Hermana Cz!  We are so excited to “¡hacer percha!” 

Funny for the week:  So don't ask how it happened, but we ended up in a house of two drunk men! ha.  We sat down and one of them scooted his chair next to mine and started telling me how much he loved my braids and how he was amazed that I did them by myself.  I just kept telling myself, “You can make it!  Sing a hymn and politely excuse yourself!”  We sang a song, and they started to RAVE over our “angel like voices”.  I stood up to leave and Ruben said wait, “I want to give you something” .  He came out of his house a minute later with oranges.  “Here I want you to be able to remember Rubencito!” (Which is a name for Ruben with a lot of love.)   I was COMPLETELY APPALLED!!!   I'm just a Little mormon girl from Utah!  Give me a break! :)  HAHA!
I love you all! Thank you for everything!

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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