Wednesday, August 10, 2016

08/8/16 Miracles!

Well, it has been a great week in every way!  Miracles have been sprinkled on us all week long!  God is so good, and how blessed I am to be in His work!

Familia AZ.   :  I think I have mentioned them.  SA. and AO. They have 5 children, and they are actually married!  We found them contacting a couple weeks back and then they came to watch MEET THE MORMONS.  Then on Wednesday they came to Game night in the chapel, and then they came to church on Sunday!  They are really struggling, and I know without a doubt that nothing can help them like the gospel can!  They are still trying to find a testimony, but something that they always love and mention is how sweet the members are to them!  Can I tell you how important members are in missionary work?!  Well...They are everything!  We are not always there to help them, but a good member friend is!!  I invite each of you to find those who are new in your ward and BEFRIEND them!  They need you and YOU need them!  I love being able to help them find the light that they are looking for!

CR. and SA.  :  CR.  is an inactive member and SA. is his nonmember girlfriend.  They have come to church the last two weeks are really loving it!  They want to get their lives straightened up, and the gospel will do just that!  They are taking good care of us and never let us leave without feeding us! 

Being a missionary is the most humbling experience.  I LOVE it!  I have realized that I am nothing, and I can do nothing.  My work doesn't amount to anything compared to God's power.  If I am not dependent on Him and in unity with my teammate (companion),  we accomplish nothing.  It is amazing how quickly I forget Him, and His power.  If I could just be a little bit less of a natural man. Ha.  It is a constant struggle, but I am loving it!  It is worth it!    I love what I am learning!    :)

Love you all!  Thank you for your prayers and all you do!  I have the Best family and Best friends!  

See you soon,
Hermana Fox

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