Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/24/15 Miracles

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Wow!  I have witnessed so many miracles this week I don't even know where to start! I will share some of my favorites.

Ok, so Matias and Guille set the date to be married by the 11th of Septiembre....Wahoo! Meaning that Guille can be baptized on the 26th of Septiembre! Today Matias is going to the Registro to make sure there is a time on that day for the marriage!  They really are ready and they are realizing how important this is in their lives.  They had us over for lunch which was great, but in the end when we shared a message Matias said that reading the BOM was really good.  I looked at Guille and she shook her head. I looked at Matias and said "what does that actually mean?"  Guille said, "Nada, He never reads!"  We all had a good laugh.  I asked him "What can you do to help you remember to read?"  (Because we have had this discussion about reading before)  He said he wanted to put his scriptures on the bed and then he would remember.  I asked him where his scriptures were and he went and got them.  They were completly covered in dust!  They were completely white!  Ha!  He got a rag and started to clean them off.  It was the coolest experience to sit and watch him clean off his scriptures.  It was like a metaphor of him cleaning of the cobwebs of his testimony and starting new! (He had served a mission.)  We are so excited for their progress!  They are 2 of my favorite people here and I feel a special bond with them! 

Okay, next were some less actives we met with,  Nazareth and Betty.  Last time they were really bitter with us, so we hadn't visited in 4 weeks.  We had a great lesson with them and they apologized. They gave us chocolate, offered to clean our laundry every week, and they gave us avocados (that were the size of my head!)  They are they best! The day after our lesson they came to church for the first time in all my time here!

Also we had an investigator accept baptism!  Emilio.  He is really great!  A little timid and shy, but he is eating of the gospel! Now we just need him to attend church...(that always seems to be the hardest step!)

Okay, sorry for all my confusing writing...I hope you can piece together the stories!  There are literally so many other I want to share. I know that the Lord is working miracles in the lives of every person whether they recognize it or not!  

This week I have felt like a real missionary.  I know that probably sounds weird because physically I have been a missionary for 3 months now. but this week was different.  Yes it has been one of the most mentally challenging and draining weeks, but it has been the most worthwhile.  I would honestly sit in lessons and literally be awestruck at the things that were happening.  The blessings of heaven were literally DUMPED on us this week. I love this gospel and I love sharing it!  I love testifying of Jesus Christ all day!  He is my light, He is my all.  This is His work and I´m just lucky enough to be a very small part of it! 

 Thank you so much for all your prayers and everything!  I couldn't do this with you!  Love you tons!

See you soon!

Hermana Fox
My apartment outside.

My apartment inside.
My new companion from Chile with our avocado.


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