Tuesday, August 18, 2015

08/17/15 Lo siento!

Ok, Guille and Matias moved in together!  But because they were busy with that they werent able to talk about their wedding...ugh!  But all is well, and we are hoping for more progress this week!  We have a family night in the house of a member with them tonight, so I hope we can start progressing again!
We found a new investigator and he is so cool!  He is 28 years old and he reminds me a lot my brothers :)  He is really fun and light hearted.  We have had 2 lessons with him and he is doing really great!  We are planning on dropping the BAPTISM word tonight!  At the first of our second lesson we were asking if he read the part we marked in the scriptures.  He said "Ya!  About faith right? Oh and I started in the beginning.  You guys are really good teachers because you basically told me what is right here in the introduction!"  Haha it was so funny. When we were leaving I asked if I could mark another part and he said. "Ya, but eventually I want to just read the whole thing..."  Wahoo!  That's what I like to hear!

 The Lord truly has prepared people for the missionaries...it is just a matter of finding them!  I have a new comp.  She is from Chile and has 1 year on the mission.  All is well!  Love you all tons and thank you for all your support!
See you soon,
Hermana Fox
1- I cut my companions hair!!! Yikes...I didn´t think it would be that hard!  Ha. But it looks good, no worries :)
2- Me and Hma Salcido on our last day together :(  Man I miss that girl!
3- We had a family night with some less active members...and the girls loved braiding my hair!  :) 

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